No vent piping on roof

Hi I’m david from Assured Home Inspections . I was doing a inspection on a manufactured home here in Florida . The owner installed a metal roof over the original shingle roof . First question is that the metal roof has high and low sections in the panels from the eave to the ridge across the roof . The second question is there are no vent piping sticking up anywhere . is the legal.

Wrong …Yep!

Were there any AAV’s?

One… common practice to cover over asphalt shingles with metal on a MF home,
Two… venting… depends on the construction of the metal roof and structure. Many reasons it may not need to make penetrations for acceptable ventilation. Some overlays are laid directly on the asphalt, many are a design change from ‘flat’ to ‘slope’ which incorporates a open truss system (like an attic space) with much (usually gable and soffit) ventilation. Remember, the original roof seals out bad air from entering the home, so little to no concerns.

The bath & toilet vents are missing and it flat on the old roof

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Minimum 1 vent at least half the size of the main drain required.

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Theres not one vent sticking through . there are vents under the vanities about 12 to 16 inches high

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Not a professional, but I agree.

I disagree…
All sewer venting should be above the roof line or other acceptable locations.This will help prevent harmful sewer gases from entering the home.
I’ve seen them terminated in the attic and I could smell it.

That wouldn’t help evacuate the gases…Nope!

Yes, I’m aware. Was just wondering if someone might have tried to circumvent the 903.1 requirement.

Don’t know what this is, and I’m not signing up for anything just to view your pics.
Post pics using the MB features so we all can easily see them.
In this case, pics need to be seen to further assist you.