New business

I’m starting my home inspection business and besides the obvious things like a camera, computer, moisture meter, etc. What other type of equipment is recommended?

Also does any know where I can find a pre-inspection agreement, as I need one to send with my insurance application.

Any information is greatly appreciated!!


Here’s a start, but you need to draft one exclusively for your use and have your own attorney review it for your particular area’s/state’s laws.

As far as tools are concerned, there is a multitude of threads already discussing this on the MB. Use the above search feature to locate and read through all of them.

Some good software and file management

Tim, send me an email or give me a call if you want to come visit

Thank you Jeffrey for all the info.

Preston where in Florida are you located? I’m in Jacksonville, FL My email is

can I use the InterNACHI Home Inspection Agreement for my insurance purpose? I need to do this ASAP.

My Attorney is working on one specifically for my company and to the state law. I just need to submit one to the insurance company before I can get insured, and I need to get insured in order for the state of florida to give me the license. I notice the InterNachi was copyright and I do not want to mess with that if I am not allowed to use it.


If you want to see another operation or need help give use a call or email.

West Palm Beach…about 3 1/2hrs south of you

yes you can

Members have free use of anything INachi as their own

Agree… but you still want to draft your own for your protection. Send the Nachi agreement to your insurance to get going, and then when you get your own drafted and attorney approved, send them the “revised” version.

I am also a new business in the Clearwater Fl area and could use some help to get off the ground.
Needing some info on pricing and getting ideas on how to get jobs, Im not doing so well.

Contact anyone of the guys that responded above. Most here will be helpful, if you are not in the same area as them. I suggest you follow another inspector for a day or more to see how they do it.

This will help you run your business, do inspections and give you confidence you need to speak to clients and Realtors.

Call me on my direct cell at three two one - 6 II 6 - eight one five III

hey guys… im new to inspection… im in Missouri near Joplin… I would love to find someone willing to show me the ropes… I am willing to travel… I will actually be in Utah all of November taking care of family issues…

This is the Florida forms and is usually frequented by Florida based inspectors. You should start a new thread on the main forums im sure someone will be willing to help ya.

So the inference is that Florida inspectors are unwilling to help another member in another state.

Okayyy… Gotya.

Hey Thomas,

Welcome and there are some guys who post here from Mo every so often. I would read through the various sections of the board and get a feel for who might offer you the best insight on your new endeavor. Most anyone here can offer an opinion or advice on any specific component or point you in the right direction. Hope this helps.

Just sayin’! :|__)