Florida Pre Inspection Agreement

Does anyone have a current version of a good pre-inspection agreement that they would be willing to share.

Use the Nachi one or of course my personal favorite :smiley:

That is how professionals deal with all.

I’ll go with the InterNachi one.

I’m new to Flordia home inspecting
Does Florida have a specific pre-inspection agreement?
if not what are most inspectors using

ASHI, Inter-nachi

im looking for one also gary doughty thank you

InterNACHI has a Florida agreement too.

is there any one on here to nite. to talk to about fl inpections ? gary doughty

Is there any one here that uses horizon report writing software? thank you

Does any one in fl. recommend a insurance coverage for inspectors. Thank you

These “agreements” that seek to indemnify liability from negligence are invalid, and there is case law to back it up. But, this seems to work in most cases as the buyer either can’t afford a good lawyer and a long battle or doesn’t even contest it. There have been some random instances where it was enforced, but not many. Things may change in the future. Just something to think about…

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