New changes...

Effective January 1, 2014:

Changes to Texas SOP 535-227 thru 535-233.
Changes SOP Report Form/Report Writing 535-222 thru 535-223
and new form REI7-3

I received an email about this. I am new to this “inspector” world, is there anywhere I can go (website,etc.) to monitor the changes or see exactly what is changing? I will continue to check back on this thread as well.

In the email it stated that these will be up for a vote as well. Any insight?..

*The Texas Legislative clean-up bill concerning Inspectors has made it through the committee and waiting for vote on the floor. This is regarding:

· Fingerprinting

· Late renewal provisions

· Inspector Application

· Hands-on training

· E & O Coverage

· Winding down of the Recovery Fund*

I received an email from Champions School indicating the new Standard (SoP) and form is effective January 1, 2014.

I e-mailed TREC and they told me the new Standard and form could not be used until January 1, 2014. If you want to see what was passed look at the meeting handout material at

There are some new requirements in the SoP. Nothing stops you from reporting on new requirements now because the SoP allow you to exceed the SoP.

There are some items removed from the SoP. You have to keep reporting on those items until 1-1-14.

The problem caused by the changes is TREC strongly justified certain current requirements using safety as an argument. It is a matter of record. Now TREC removes those safety comments. The question begs “is it no longer considered a safety concern worth mentioning according to the State of Texas”? The lawyer asks “You reported this in 2013 but not in 2014. Someone got killed. Why did you stop reporting it?” Seems like we are forced to keep reporting items deleted from the SoP. Confusing.

The new SoP can be tricky. Stay tuned.

This Bill has been approved by Senate and House and is pending overall approval. It has not officially passed but the Opera singer is warming up.

I encourage anyone who wants to write Gov. Perry to do so. I disagreed with the continued E&O mandate which he is on record as disliking. It is still unfathomable that no other RE professional is straped with this requirement, much less any other tradesmen. I feel as if I am walking amongst the zombies.

The Governors direct contact on this is

Thx. I may resend my letter to shoemaker

I also read that there will be no grace period for the transition, so TREC is forcing a single day changeover for every inspector in the state! I’m sure that TREC will also conduct a study and determine that there will be no financial impact to inspectors as a result of their implementing it this way too.

Per TREC you cannot use it until that date.