SOP changes for 1-1-2014

Does anyone have thoughts to summarize the new changes?

Would like to have a better idea of the possible pitfalls and new ways to perform due diligence at work and for cya.

Also, checked the new 7-3 form, one of the changes was to move the doorbell check to the “appliances” section, but unless it is in invisible ink, it is not there.
Is the 7-3 form on TREC website not final?

“The new rules require an inspector to report deficiencies in the performance of a heat pump in electrical units.”
What will this entail exactly?
What measurements?

And whatever else in the new SOP that deserves discussion.

Thanks much.

Yes…they removed the doorbell and trash compactor item from the appliances section but added an Other section instead. They also removed the area to enter the thickness of vertical insulation from the 7-3 report.

Also…the Outdoor Cooking and Whole-House Vacuum items have been removed from the Optional Systems but have added an Other item here also.

You need to go to a class on SOP and legal, you need to have it for your CE hrs and they will explain everything in the class. TPREIA, RETS, Champions school and others offer these classes.

Thanks Gary, will do it.
Just thought the NACHI Texas inspectors who have seen these changes come and go would be able to chime in with any gotcha points to watch out for and so on.

I have attended 3 different 8hr courses on this and have picked up different hot points at each class. Learn all you can as I don’t believe there are any Pacific gotcha points it is all about understanding the new SOP and using it with the new report form, as with TREC there is no simple answer. Be as ready as you can be when the 1st of Jan hits and have a few mentors you can call.

So just finished, passed the current TX SOP module here on NACHI. Question is will this be counted as valid for the 6 hour requirement given the SOP changes for 1-1-14?
Would assume it would count.
Nick G. can this be verified?
Also, Nick look forward to meeting you, we are in the startup stage of the Austin area TPREIA chapter.

Randy it was good to meet you last Friday, the best way to get inside these is to make to an SOP class, TPREIA has one going in Corpus on the 16th, had one end of October in DFW.
Brenda, who you met Friday, is the executive director and education chair, both make her very attentive to education screw ups by TREC…and there are several. Please notify her of the issues that you found and TPREIA will take those to TREC BUT…there is also nothing like a direct email to TREC also. I would suggest sending to Fred Willcox Chair of Education SubCommittee and Brad Phillips Chair of the Inspector Advisory Council.
If you think the SoPs are disjointed, you should be reading the proposed micromanagement in process by the IAC. They seem to think that RULES will make things better. The bureaucracy forges on!

Nick also-

I took the Nachi Texas SOP when it was first required 2 years ago. Has the class been updated and do you know if TREC will accept it when I take it again?