REI 7-5 ... New TREC Template

I’ve brought this to it’s own thread due to the nature involved.

Attached is the official PDF from TREC for the new REI 7-5 report template.

It will be officially posted at the TREC website in a week or so along with the updated OPI form.

It is likely that the new template will be required to be used as of: 09/01/15.

I just got a message from TREC Legal and they said that we can begin using the new template immediately, but will be mandated to use it as of 09/01/2015.

Note that TREC highlighted the text changes in the pre-amble for me on this PDF, but that highlighting is NOT to be included in your base template. Just be sure to make the text changes in the pre-amble.

Also note that footers have changed throughout the document as they relate to the name of the template and the approval date.

Not a huge amount of change, but just be sure you are doing the right thing and using the right template so TREC doesn’t fine you. There have been several inspector’s fined in the past year for not using current/approved template. Not a good move on an inspector’s part to not be aware of the correct forms.

good job Nolan, thanks…
also be aware that the IAC SoP subcommittee begins meetings to revise the SoPs and they are also charged with changes in the report format. It is possible
that we will see another report number before the end of the year.

This is what drives the software companies crazy.

Revise the SoP ??

Another exercise that will result in not too much of great value and they won’t take any of the HI’s input into consideration for sure.

It’s all about them and basically throw the HI’s under the bus.

Goes without saying you can sense I’m somewhat cynical.

Sadly cynical is a very polite way to say it.