New Construction Certification

I am a new inspector and looking for other possible ways to expand upon what the basics are. I am trying to find information on “new construction” inspections and any certifications that may be offered. Are they required?
I searched InterNACHI and found a link to the “New Construction Course,” to find that there wasn’t any information there. I was only able to find a picture of a physical class at a construction site, under “new construction course.” It even said that it recommended that everyone take the online course. Does anyone know where this course might be located or how to access it? Thanks.

My first question is: What kind of inspections on ‘New Builds’? There are many.

If you are interested in New Home Phase Construction Inspections I would recommend you follow this ICC provided path with links to training . Once completed I do recommend you test for your Residential Combination Inspector certification through ICC.

If you are inspecting homes with Post Tension Cable (PTC) foundations you may also want to take one or more of the PTI certification courses listed here even if you don’t choose to obtain the certification .

Once you’ve completed your training I also recommend you shadow another Inspector for awhile on plenty of inspections to ensure you’re ready to strike out on your own with phase inspections.

Where are you located? Do you have any experience in the trades, residential building, etc.?

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Thanks for the reply. I am located in South Carolina, not far outside of Charlotte NC. I will definately look into that. It seems like it is quite a bit in depth. This my be something I look into shortly. What should I expect another inspector to charge me, to shadow an inspection?
I do have some experience in construction and mainly with foundations, but I was taught to be knowledgeable in alot of areas, at least some. That was in PA though and 20 years ago. I never saw any post-tension slabs up there. Thanks for the advice.

Yes they are more in depth than any short class out there. However if you are going to do phase inspections you really need some extended training to keep yourself out of the hot seat. So much crap being built you don’t want to get involved in some faulty building lawsuit just because something major was missed.

Don’t know how much an Inspector would charge if at all. What you want to look for are the Inspectors or even others like builders and tradespeople with wide backgrounds that are willing to allow you to shadow them with questions. Those that are willing to do it to ensure you are trained well are generally not interested in the money part.

It is a bit of a drive for you but if you are interested the Texas Professional Real Estate Inspectors Association (TPREIA) is holding a convention and expo at the end of September . Looks like it may be an awesome event and they are having PTI on site for training, an ICC Instructor on site for training on the 2015 IRC, as well as a lot of other training. TPREIA really does rock in all they do and it might be worth going to get a taste of the training needed.

Warren, I have been discovered by two inspection related groups out of TX who found me through the inspectors network. They both deal with banks and lenders and contract me to do draw inspections for homes under construction. Or I do photo shoots for buildings being sold or refinanced. They do not pay a whole lot but I do get exposure for my home inspection business by meeting all kinds of folks. I also do inspections, for the foundations only, of manufactured homes. I just take them when I need a little fill-in work. for the draw inspections and refinancing.
For the foundations inspections call 817-585-2585 to talk to someone with Harrison Engineering. You should be certified to inspect manufactured homes…it will help a bunch. I did a while ago. Good luck.

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Thanks to all of you for the information. It all seems pretty in depth. I may want to wait just a short while. I need to gain some experience before trying to jump into that just yet. I do not want to get ahead of myself too quickly. I will continue to research and when the timing is right…

I took the new construction certification with nick and another gentleman and after 15 years still using it, best thing I ever did. By the way was the best education ever and I was the only woman in the Class and passed with 100
You have to studied hard but it is fabulous.
It will always help you