New Construction Inspections

I am very intersted in New construction inspections. I have seen a few schools out there. So, I thought I would ask a few experts out there on a good school. Can I get a few recomendations?


By far one of the best bets is the International Code Council’s “Residential Inspection Institute”. They hold these at various locations around the country and you can find info at . What is very nice about this 5 day course is you will receive a complete inspection outline for new construction with discussion and explanations from an International Residential Code standpoint. It would be very helpful also as a prep for ICC certifications. The price has always been below the rate that many schools charge for a two or three day course and this is 5 days with ICC experts, many students of diverse backgrounds including inspections, building code enforcement, etc.

Thanks for the reply. I will look at that school. That is one that I have not seen or heard of. I appreciate the feedback.