New Construction, final phase inspection

Here is a photo of the foundation on a new construction. I was hired to do the final phase inspection.
Another surprised buyer who thought the passed AHJ’s inspection meant all was good.

They do that so you can tell there’s rebar in there. If they put it too deep, you wouldn’t be able to tell if it was there. You’ll be able to see even more of it in a few years.:wink:

Here’s one from a 3 story townhose complex where the reinforcement was set too deep to see, so I had to probe it with my screwdriver to determine if it was there. :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen: That’s funny. This was 3 story house… Must be a requirement for 3 story buildings :twisted:

Termites in Vero Beach, FL do not need much of an opening

Will, is that flatwork or foundation? Do you have pic from further back?

It was the foundation of a 3 story house. I have inspected multiple houses in that subdivision and that is a common deficiency I find in the pre-pour inspections.
Unfortunately, this buyer only hired me for the final phase inspection.
Here are a couple more photos.
The 1st one shows more of the rebar, this was about 6 feet from the original photo I posted. That tube on the right is the insulation on the house water shutoff.
The 2nd photo doesn’t show anything since the moisture barrier is covering up the area. But you can see the same insulated water shutoff.