New Construction Inspections

Could anyone tell me about inspections for new construction. Someone was soliciting for an inspector to inspect new construction and report within 24 hours on whatever has been completed in the home(s) with photos. Is anyone familiar with new construction and is the fee usually less? This would be in New York (the Hamptons & Shelter Island). Thanks

Most likely your looking at an inspection for the bank. the contractor submits a draw and the bank needs a third party to “verify” what has been completed. You should get a list from the bank and it should show the various draws completed and or scheduled draws. unless this is a final, then you just make sure everything is completed according to the contract. be sure to verify and ask questions… sometimes it helps to read the fine print. I had a client one time who had a contractor request a draw and in his draw was cost for a fireplace. guess what? No fireplace was installed or even in their contract. You need to find out at what stage this project is at and YES the fee is usually less in Florida its about $100 for this type of inspection. Good Luck

Fee may seem small unless doing many.
Always request travel fees.

Thank you. I believe it is a draw inspection. Thank you both for your input.

Good morning all! I just wanted to add some input because bank inspections are typically what my family company does. We charge anywhere from $125 an inspection to $275 an inspection all depending type (residential/commercial) and size. Going on-site to verify the work is the easy part. Breaking down all the numbers, verifying the budget and if sufficient funds are available to complete is the pain. Some of the deals done are very shady, with limited information and re-allocations can happen on the fly.

The banks have become increasingly strict and now require a certain number of pics, etc. These inspections can branch off though into much more profitable areas such as environmental inspections/reports, cost analysis, cost to complete and feasibility studies. Also, be ready for a delayed payment up to 90 days on some inspections. Its just the nature of the beast when dealing with banks, although now most of the loans have the fees built in, which has sped things up. Good Luck!

I have done some construction inspections. Basically, I take several pictures over several days during the construction process. I can be there when others cannot. I charge $75 per visit, mostly pictures only. However, some builders will not let me on site; it is there property, not the bank or the buyer’s. The builder will have a say/so. Understand that they are not licensed in any way, so they do what they want. Code inspectors are only there when the county codes require them, usually only after framing, roof, and before finish. Some counties do require inspections for wiring and plumbing. All county codes are different.