New Construction Inspections

New construction inspections. Can any one point me in the right direction for a refresher course and inspection reports.

If you are talking about phase inspections, I can’t help you.

If you are talking about an inspection for a buyer, then it’s the same inspection you would do if the home were pre-owned.

When I do them, the only difference is that I document a lot more minor “maintenance” or “cosmetic” issues. After all, it is new, and there really shouldn’t be very many of them anyway.

Thanks for the Reply Mark but i was talking about phase inspections Ive had a lot of calls for them recently.

Are you code certified?

I would not be signing off code we have county inspectors for that

Phillip on the phase, and draw inspections that I perform, I am usually only documenting that the work that is being billed for, is complete and done in a satisfactory manner per the specs. The lender has always provided me with a list of work that is to be complete, and access to the prints, and I am only signing off that the work has been completed.

Same here.


American Home Inspectors Training 1-800-441-9411, Inspecting New Construction

Check around your area, major cities. Also check on the net for on-line, correspondence.
Does your state have requirements that you have to meet?
TX inspectors have to be licensed, and the state has a list of approved providers for education.

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I did 410 Draw inspections last year, working part time. The three companies I work with send you a draw sheet listing the items that the Builder/Bank have used for completion pay out. Usually includes:
Lot clearing, dig foundation.
Footers, form foundation walls, slab and steel.
FFloors and wall framing.
Roof framing and sheathing.
Permanent roof installed.
Windows and doors.
Rough in Elec, HVAC and plumbing.
Finish Elec, HVAC, plumbing.

You use your best judgement to determine if the work is finished for each line item, if not complete then the % of complete in 5% stages. You do not inspect for quality or code but if you see something life threatening you let the builder know and make notes in your report. You take pics of all work complete and things not complete. Most companies have a web site where you enter %, notes and upload pictures. I do it for fun to make extra money. My real job is liberal with my schedule. Did 410 last year and as of 8/25 I recorded 363 this year which included 61 REO inspections [micro home inspection of foreclosed property].


how did you get in with the right people to do those? talk to mortgage companies?

Two ways, go direct by calling banks who do building loans or Google “draw inspections”. Going direct will get you more money. Working for a National company will isolate you from a portion of the money, cover any liability issues concerning the inspection, allow you to take a break without finding someone to take your load. I got started in Jan 08 through an e-mail from NACHI passing on a request from Nationwide Loan Inspections out of GA. Currently signed up with NLI, Digitial Draw Network and Granite. This is strictly part time and is not for HI’s who are busy or rich. I could not live on Draws alone but it fills in the blanks real nice.

I am sorry but I cannot help you when it comes to a “Refresher” course for new construction but…….

Inspection Report Forms can be found by calling the ICC {1-800-214-4321 x 371} and asking for “Inspect It” report forms.

Although these forms are for ICC Certified Inspectors they will be able to give you an idea as to what the local Code Enforcement inspector is looking for and it will address ALL phases of “New” construction.

Good Luck. :smiley:

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