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Need your help in deciding this. We are getting a new house build? The builder is about a month away from completing it. It has been going through inspections by the state of Texas through various milestones (Sheet Rock etc.). I guess, there will be a final inspection a week before closing when we can be there..and there will be an inspector present from the builder. This is a reputable builder. Do I need to hire an inspector too? and why?


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Hello Mickey Sharma,

The short answer is YES! But I am sure that you already knew that or you would not be inquiring.

It is kinda simple...we every day inspect homes that at one point were New...and what we find is the mistakes that the local building inspectors missed or did not care to look at because they were tired that day.

The question you should want to answer is do you want the builder to fix your problems now, or would you like to pay for them at the sale of your home when an inspector finds the problems then?

The truth is that you should have had an inspector with training in New Construction Inspections working for you during the entire process and at every stage he should have been allowed to inspect prior to the GC moving forward.

One good example of this is a type of inspection banks and lenders have us inspectors do during the construction phase...even they want to know that they are getting their money worth.

At this point, I imagine that the drywall is up and the you are at the limited mistakes will be evident as many are now covered.

Know this...if you do not have it done NOW you will have to deal with the inspector later and he will not be on your side at that point!

Good luck!

Harvey Gordon
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I inspect new construction fairly often, and I always find problems that the builder and city inspectors either miss or ignore. Some minor, some not so minor.

Of course, the city inspector can waive anything he wants, within reason, but most houses are build in areas that are not inspected by the city. It’s required only in a municipal area. In outlaying areas, (suburbs) the builder provides his own inspector, and you already know who he works for.

So, the short answer is again “Yes”, get your own inspector who will look out for you. I’m sure you will hear this from other Texas inspectors as well.

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Any inspector hired by a builder would be working for that builder and looking out for whoever is paying them… not you. You need someone on your side to look out for your intrests.

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Another thought for you.

Consider that the inspector you hire will be looking for deficiencies and screw ups.

The state or government inspector will be looking for code compliance.

Hire a good inspector, he will be there for a few hours, expect to pay the inspector enough to protect your interests.

Good Luck!!!


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