ICC Boot Camp

Join us for the first ICC Boot Camp in Orlando Fl. The seminar will be held on august 26,2006. For more information follow the link.



Is ICC giving CE credit for this course, for code certification??

If so, how many CE’s??


This is part of our “Education With A Purpose” series, its sole purpose is designed to help the experienced home inspector focus on achieving ICC Certification.

The main goal of this Boot Camp is to equip the home inspector with the knowledge & tools necessary to pass two specific ICC exams (Building - B1 & Electrical - E1) with these Certifications they will be able to perform Four Point Insurance Inspections on their own without the need for licensed contractors.

The reason it is called a Boot Camp is because the information conveyed will be best termed tactical, as opposed to practical or theory related… The goal is to pass the exam and acquire the Certification, not to gain a better understanding of building codes and how they relate to home construction. No time will be invested on building code interpretation or application, those things are better answered through self-study using Code Commentary books.

An added bonus is, these Certifications will also enable experienced inspectors to better compete for New Construction & Warranty Inspection contracts, another opportunity to expand and grow their business.

Keep 'em coming. I’d like to see you two offer more New Constuction inspection courses in high-growth cities across N. America.

Thanks guys.

Hi Nick,

Dan brought up a good point about CEU’s will NACHI grant any CEU’s for this course?

Thanks - Joe.


It has been the Policy of NACHI to accept, Hour for Hour, any course that is a benefit to the Membership and increases the participating Member’s knowledge with regard to their Business and/or Inspection.

Your ICC Courses should (and will) be NACHI approved.

Do you have something in mind for Construction Phase Inspection?

Wow, I thought you guys were against the quick easy way out? You remember the fight against the CMI? Now, your offering for profit a course to teach the test for ICC Cert? You guys crack me up. No one is to be trusted in nachi. Now I see the supposed ED is a vender. If Nick supports this I know it’s got to have some kind of back door deal involved. Glad to see nothing has changed…LOL.

Well, lots of people were against making money on the back’s of other inspectors also but that kinda went kaput.

Everyone needs to make a living and sometimes we all need to eat our words.

{two valuable lessons}


I do not agree with a lot of things that you post or how you post them. In some cases I have been tempted to call you on the phone to let you know that I think you are off base and should re evaluate your profession and its standards

BUT on this subject I agree with you — I too smell a rat


Honestly Richard, I agree with you. I’m trying to learn and grow and hopefully that is reflected in my posting (Gary posting excluded;) ).

Too bad the Chicago group have not got this subject up on a CD or a web site free to all NACHI members

Gerry since you think that 4 point inspections require good inspectors with good skills and not just a dog license why don’t you get Nick or the NACHI educational director to request you to put together an ICC online course for electrical and what else is required for insurance work. If we can find out

I really think that knowledge is power but it should not cost more than it is worth.


I agree with that. I think that a flat fee paid to the speakers in any case and $25 per person for ANY of these classes. Pay the speakers what they are worth and go from there.

Joe -
As you know I’m ICC, ICBO and BOCA code certified in electrical, plumbing, mechanical and building for 1&2 Family dwellings. You also know that as such we also have to get so many CE’s to renew our certs periodically. The typical HI stuff is not it - just like the typical HI stuff doesn’t count for my licenses in septic, lead inspections, asbestos, etc. Therefore, I’m always interested in advanced specialty classes that will satisfy those CE requirements.

I gather by your reply that they’re for HI’s but not for code CE’s.


You can’t have it both ways… You can’t complain that NACHI members have no recognized certifications and then turn around and complain when a program is created to help NACHI members to get certified.

In regards to your claim of a “quick easy way out” you make it sound like we are handing out the answers to the exam which as you know is impossible. What Greg & I are doing is sharing the path we took to gain our certification. We have put together a battle plan and a study guide that experienced home inspectors can use to gain their certification in a short period of time.

To be successful the student must still do all of the necessary work to become familiar with the IRC to the point that they can respond correctly when asked to find a particular answer to a code question, there is no short-cut for this part of the learning phase.

Where Greg & I can help is in keeping the student on target and by providing the tools that enable the student to acquire & retrieve data faster and with greater success under test conditions. This course will be of little help to those students who believe they can become certified bypassing formal training and self-study, but will be exceedingly helpful to those students like myself who have both experience & formal training that span decades and now wish to focus on applying that base of knowledge to acquiring ICC certification.

I hope this clears up any confusion you or anyone else may have about our Boot Camp syllabus. In regards to Nick, his only aim is to help NACHI members succeed, he was kind enough to publicly support our endeavor and in return we gave NACHI members a discount, that is the full extent of any “back-door deal”. Thanks for the opportunity to further explain our offering.

**-X -X -X -X WHAT **You mean to tell me that Greg and Joe have spent a lot time, effort and probably money in putting together a course that will help NACHI members make some extra money and hopefully create more work and expect to to make some money from it!! That is just down right UN AMERICAN (i’m glad im English)

:expressionless:) :expressionless:)


Are you seeing something that the rest of us don’t

BTW what insurance companies are looking for ICC certification and in what areas???

All the insurances companies that I have worked with (very small number) do not care

I realy do not think that they care and how good can the inspection be if it is paid for by the home owner and not the insurance company

What am I not seeing here???


Hello Richard,

What am trying say home inspectors who have a good idea they have a right to make money from it.

I believe what you are failing to see Richard, is that in earlier posts Joe B was telling anyone who would listen that after years of OTJ experience and months of study he was able to pass the ICC open book tests. Now in just 5 hours of his intense tutelage (highlight/tab the code book) you can pass the test too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is English your native tongue Carl?:roll: :stuck_out_tongue: Or is that Gaelic?:wink:


And I bet that someone right out off a weekend on the Internet with Gerry or some of the other good instructors one could do the same. Remember it is open book and two hours for 60 questions for some of the modules that I have checked it to.

Major problem — what the Heck does ICC have to do with home inspection. Is it really making us better inspectors???

Hay I am open on this subject — someone show me the light. I have just come home from inspecting a 1950 Florida pillar wood home with add on vinyl siding with a 8’ X 12 ’ pool that you could eat the algae out of for $180,000.00 The summary was 3 pages long. I can’t even be a deal breaker in this area. Real estate is still selling regardless of what I say.

We must be very under valued in this area