New construction Phase Inspection Software

Maybe I’m missing the boat, but why can’t I find any IRC code based inspection software for new construction phase inspections?

What would be great is something like the Code Check books (without abbreviations) as a checklist inspection software.

Anybody know of any?

I use Horizon reporting software, and there’s no new construction templates.

Just a suggestion here:
Interpolate the phases into an AIA G-703 format for percentages of completion of the total project.
Once that is complete it is very easy to determine the actual percentage of completion…even though it is a scheduled phase. It is far more accurate and less subject to under or over payments. (Retention should also be factored in).
In my opinion, a phase inspection has nothing to do with code…that is the local building inspector’s responsibility…certainly not yours… unless you were hired as a third party inspection service with the proper credentials.

Not quite sure what you are asking? Are you asking why the reporting software vendors have not created a checklist report form for performing a new home phase inspection?

Hi…You can also try SAM(Superintendent’s Automated Manager). As the home starts taking shape, This project management scheduling software takes you step by step through the process, making it easy for you to complete tasks, input notes, communicate with vendors and trades, and make adjustments as needed.