New Home Construction QCI software

I am beginning a new phase in my inspection career as a Quality Control Inspector. After doing home inspections for about 7 years as an independent inspector I have the opportunity to carve out a new position for a growing new home construction company. I will be inspecting the homes as they are being built during their lifecycle to ensure that the build matches plans and codes. It will have a fairly large learning curve but I’m ready (I think!). I have been using Tap Inspect software as that is what I was trained on and the clients seemed to like the look of it and I found it to have a very editable layout for all the different types of inspections that I did.

I don’t think this inspection software is built for what I will be needing, in fact the owner of Tap Inspect suggested as much and pointed me towards Property Management Software. I am at Square One with that advice. I know I will need to be able to add pictures, comment on the pictures, be extremely editable to add the different aspects of a home: foundation, framing, etc., have a lightweight .pdf exportability to co-workers and client’s e-mail. I’ll need it to be easy to sort and track as there could be dozens of inspections associated with just one address multiplied by over a hundred homes a year. Currently they are using printed Excel hard paper checklists and sending information to one another with Word, dropping pictures into the document.

I’ve always known this to be a very wide-based, educated forum and thought this would be a great place to ask if there are suggestions for what I might need. Thanks all!

Ground up customizable. I do not use it, but some people on here do.

Here is a site I found with a bunch of software options