New Construction "Punch List" Inspection

I have a client that has scheduled a “Punch List Inspection” on a home he is having built. According to the client and builder the home is ready to move in and just waiting for the closing date in a few weeks.

Does anyone use or has used an addendum in their agreements for an inspection of this type? If yes, then how does it read? Nachi doesn’t have a template for this and I am wondering if I should come up with some sort of CYA clause for this before sending the agreement to him for signing. I already explained to him that I would treat this as any other inspection but with mother nature being psycho lately I may not be able to get to everything on the exterior and/or roof.

If they have a punch list then those conditions are already known to the buyer so should be addressed even if not mentioned in your report. A punch list could contain things not normally inspected in a home inspection like small dings in the sheetrock or a loose thread in the carpet or the color of the cabinets. These things really need to be done before you get there. You (and internachi, state law) set the parameters of what you inspect in a standard home inspection. Find what you can just like a regular inspection and move on.

I would expect your contract already has an “accessibility” clause anyhow, right? I don’t see the need for anything else.

I would be interested though in what your definition is of a “Punch List Inspection”?

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The term “punch list inspection” was the client’s words. Hence the “quotations”. As I stated originally, I told him I would conduct a standard home inspection, but I think he wants me to look for typical punch list items like dinged drywall, crooked tiles on backsplashes, and other usual superficial things. I did explain to him that those things are typically beyond the scope of what an HI does.
So I am just looking for advice on if I should put it in writing in the agreement. I am all for being an advocate for my client, but wanted to be covered from a legal or contractual standpoint…
The builder already has the C of O and is just waiting for closing to hand over the keys.

A lot of buyers get confused on the difference between the home inspection that they want and the punch list inspection that they ask for. I just ask them if they want me to include a price to put a piece of painter’s tape on and make a list of every cosmetic issue that I see. I have only had one want me to include it. Everyone else has just wanted a home inspection.