non - staggered blocks?

Home was built in the 60’s, masonry block Foundation. Only a small portion was visible inside, but the right and rear walls were not staggered. The front wall was and had some slight bowing from hydrostatic pressure and/or tree roots. This was a recent investor flip and I can’t be certain the walls in question are original. The staggered wall was painted, so I couldn’t compare the patina. question is, are non - staggered block walls acceptable?



The correct name is “stack bond” You can do a google search and find more information.

I would think Robert Young would have a large inventory on that type of work. I don’t think there is anything to say but retarded myself. I have seen Schools do this style but then again we are talking cinder blocks not bricks. Ever build a logo house with a stack bond and see how strong it is compared to staggered?