New Construction Reporting Software Released fo rBeta Testing! Sign up today!

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Hi Everyone,

We have just released Automated Inspector: New Construction™ reporting software! This is the revolutionary reporting system designed specifically to conduct phased new construction inspections, construction monitoring or any part of a new construction inspection!

It is not just a software, it is a complete business system that provides inspectors with all the information at their finger tips!

Whether it is a slab inspection, frame inspection, final inspection, warranty inspection or complete construction monitoring, this software has it all!

Built on the construction standards Specification (CSI), every element is covered, and in a manner that the builder understands. We know this because we have proven it!

Some of the features that are included to benefit you are:

  1.              Built-in training on “how to inspect elements”
  2.              Built-in manual checklists for every element of new construction – learn the steps to inspect every element!
  3.              Inspector reference guides for new construction inspectors
  4.              Hundreds of built-in code, standards and trade references
  5.              Over 8200 check list items, over 2400 new construction defects and over 3500 built-in comments
  6.              Multiple print options to suit you needs
  7.              Complete flexibility to edit, add or adjust comments and conditions
  8.              Complete flexibility to add, edit and alter photos on the fly
  9.              And much, much, more!

Whether it is an egress window inspection or kitchen electrical inspection, our software teaches you how to find and complete a report that is beyond that of any other competitor in your market, hands down, completed with little time and investment on your end!

We’re giving the first 100 people to order the software and beta test for us the entire 14-section software for $500! That’s a savings of more than $1099 off MSRP! But this price is only good for the first 100 orders. The demand for this software is huge and we are filling up fast so order yours today!

Click on the link below to watch the infomercial for Automated Inspector: New Construction™. When you get to the page, click on the orange View Demo button to see the menu of infomercials you can watch to learn all about the reporting system.

If you’d like to skip the infomercial and are ready to order now, click the link below and Enter coupon code: NCBETA at checkout.

Register to Beta Test NOW!

If you have any other questions about the software, please give me a call at 888.589.2112 and I will be happy to explain all the features of the program.

Thanks everyone,

Catherine Demsky
Director of Sales and Marketing
Inspector’s Mart™ a div. of Inspection Depot, Inc.®

It looks like a nice useful program. If I were not boycotting services or products from Inspection Depot I would surely buy it.

[quote=gbellIf I were not boycotting services or products from Inspection Depot[/quote]

Interesting…How come?

Hi Blaine,

I am boycotting the services of anyone that supports the CMI Program under its current requirements. I have to assume that all listed board members support the current program since none of them have said otherwise (publicly).

I also canceled my subscription to John O’s newsletter. I will not spend any of my funds to support anyone that supports a program that is so deceitful to the general public.

I have not ever supported it unless it was meaningful. I don’t believe anyone currently on the MAB, Paul or John support it either, which as I understand is one reason why it is a separate entity from NACHI.

I understand your position. Thank you.

Software does not sound that good to me. $500.00 for beta?? Too many $$ unless an inspector was doing a lot of new construction and it is good SW.

It might work for a builder who is building many homes and has a project mgr or a quality control department. In short this sounds like a turkey. Might be better to market it as a time limited demo so they can get some feedback.

I hope they did not spend too much $$ on building it.

Good that they want to market it through NACHI. They know a good market when they see one


Greg sorry that you are so firm in your thoughts .
My mother had an expression why cut off your nose to spite your face.
If you like and have had success with Johns " Hints " why would you give up.
I agree there are many things in this world I disagree with and do voice my openion strong and continually.
Going away or leaving some thing that does a good job is not always the best thing to do .
My Thoughts . Roy Cooke sr. RHI

I appear to be on the advisory board for the Certified Master Inspector designation. Given the opportunity to offer advisment, mine is this:

The designation should be attainable only after successfully passing a series of the most arduous of tests available in the industry which would include such inspection related topics as Structural systems, Electrical systems, Heating, ventilation and air conditioning, Plumbing systems and appliances. In addition, verification of experience equal to - 3 years as a full time inspector or 1000 fee paid inspections or 800 hours of CE credits.

As a member of the advisory board, this is my input. Does that mean I will take my ball and go home if I don’t get my way? Not likely. Will I quit the board? Nope. Does that mean I will allow others to strongarm me into promoting their agenda if this program does not yet meet their perception of what the qualifications should be to obtain the designation. No way.

I think CMI has a good chance to morph into a meaningful industry credential. Is it there yet? Hell no.

Those of you that know me might understand that I am not a quitter. I just don’t quit things. On this CMI deal I prefer to work from within for change. For those of you that are quitters, I recommend that you, well, quit. For those of you that prefer to work within the system for change, send me your input and if it’s good, I’ll help you fight for change.

Hi to all,

I had promised myself (and others) not to get dragged into this thread, But I have to publicly congratulate John on his comments as they very closely mirror my own thoughts.



Good post John O.!!!


Thank you John. I have no problem with supporting CMI if it has some meaningful requirements.

My intent is not to strong arm anyone into anything. No one has to follow the paths that I choose. But I will stand up for what I believe in and use what ever resource I have to effect change.

Again thank you for sharing your thoughts on the board.

Good post John ,to bad you had to make it .
Those who sit on boards as you and others do should not have to voice there openion or thoughts on a public board.
I feel they should do as their conscience tells them after listening to all openions and weighing the information they receive.
I do not feel that a persons thoughts or votes from any Board should have to be public information.
My thanks to all who do devote their time and energy to making the home inspection industry a better place for all
Roy Cooke sr .

Hi Blaine,

I am boycotting the services of anyone that supports the CMI Program under its current requirements. I have to assume that all listed board members support the current program since none of them have said otherwise (publicly).

Cool… The number of inspectors with this same position is growing daily.
It’s looking that there are more professional inspectors [that worked hard to get to their current credintials ] are making this decision than Nickey wannta be cmi inspectors.

My mother had an expression why cut off your nose to spite your face.

There are a lot of inspectors that are willing to just that.
I was very interested in the new home program offered for beta testing, and was more than willing to spend the 500.00 until I followed up and saw who was offering it.

I am one of many that is willing to speak with my $ss and wait to spend my money with a company that supports the professionals that made this profession that is/ was prior to Nicky’s and now vendor phoney certifications all for the almighty dollar.

Went to their site - tried to look at it - nothing happened. We don’t download anything unless we’re buying it.

When you pull a tick off make sure you get the head too or it will grow back.

Just a tip from your Uncle Earl. :wink: