New Construction reporting Software Released for Beta Testing! Sign up Today!

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Hi Everyone,

We have just released Automated Inspector: New Construction™ reporting software! This is the revolutionary reporting system designed specifically to conduct phased new construction inspections, construction monitoring or any part of a new construction inspection!

It is not just a software, it is a complete business system that provides inspectors with all the information at their finger tips!

Whether it is a slab inspection, frame inspection, final inspection, warranty inspection or complete construction monitoring, this software has it all!

Built on the construction standards Specification (CSI), every element is covered, and in a manner that the builder understands. We know this because we have proven it!

Some of the features that are included to benefit you are:

  1.              Built-in training on “how to inspect elements”
  2.              Built-in manual checklists for every element of new construction – learn the steps to inspect every element!
  3.              Inspector reference guides for new construction inspectors
  4.              Hundreds of built-in code, standards and trade references
  5.              Over 8200 check list items, over 2400 new construction defects and over 3500 built-in comments
  6.              Multiple print options to suit you needs
  7.              Complete flexibility to edit, add or adjust comments and conditions
  8.              Complete flexibility to add, edit and alter photos on the fly
  9.              And much, much, more!

Whether it is an egress window inspection or kitchen electrical inspection, our software teaches you how to find and complete a report that is beyond that of any other competitor in your market, hands down, completed with little time and investment on your end!

We’re giving the first 100 people to order the software and beta test for us the entire 14-section software for $500! That’s a savings of more than $1099 off MSRP! But this price is only good for the first 100 orders. The demand for this software is huge and we are filling up fast so order yours today!

Click on the link below to watch the infomercial for Automated Inspector: New Construction™. When you get to the page, click on the orange View Demo button to see the menu of infomercials you can watch to learn all about the reporting system.

If you’d like to skip the infomercial and are ready to order now, click the link below and Enter coupon code: NCBETA at checkout.

Register to Beta Test NOW!

If you have any other questions about the software, please give me a call at 888.589.2112 and I will be happy to explain all the features of the program.

Thanks everyone,

Catherine Demsky
Director of Sales and Marketing
Inspector’s Mart™ a div. of Inspection Depot, Inc.®

Are you from Ohio?

No we are based in Florida. I had another post on the other thread I posted this on, not realizing everyone would check all that asked about why pay for a beta program, the reason we are charging is because we need feedback. In the past, we have not charged for this and have received little to no feedback. This way people will be more inclined to call us and help, and at the end of beta testing they get the latest version and they only paid $500 for it.

THAT is funny.

I can assure you, if I signed up for a Beta program (which would involve a signed agreement for feedback) I would give you feedback. I wouldn’t be anymore likely to give you feedback just because I had to pay for it.

For an untested program, I wouldn’t be interested in paying $500 even though I’m sure you have a very good product.

Wendy, Yes this is a VERY good program. I can assure you that we have been testing this software to the brink for the last 3 months. We have had beta testers who are strictly new construction inspectors 5 days a week using the program. We just want feedback.

Another reason there is a nominal charge is because included in the software is a complete new construction inspection training built-in. The training alone is worth more than the $500 we are charging for the program if you want to test it.

I appreciate your comments and encourage you to watch the infomercials to learn more about how the software works. The software speaks for itself. It is ready to go, we just want feedback.

It appears that you are getting lots of feedback.

most beta program testing software is free. As in test it for us. It expires in 90 days. Not for $500.00 maybe $100.00