New Construction: Vertical Crack In Mortar

Hello All,

We are due to close on a new construction home on 24 June. Therefore, I am still a few weeks out from a home inspection. As I am doing my own walk-around, I noticed a long vertical crack in the mortar outside a bay window. That vertical crack does invade one brick (see 3rd photo), thus cracking the mortar around it. In my amateur opinion, because it is a long, vertical crack, it seems to have developed from settling. Perhaps that is wishful thinking on my part. But, I’d like to hear what you, as professionals, have to say about it. I did take photos and video of it to show to my home inspector (if that even matters) in case they seal it prior to the home inspection. Please view attached photos, and thank you in advance for your professional advice.

Looks like shrinkage to me , how ever was the gutter separated before ?

Are those thin veneer brick or full brick? The corners are not interlocked.

The guttering is not yet finished. I actually thought they would run the downspout over that crack/corner- like I have seen on a few others in the neighborhood.

They are full.

Why do you think they chose not to interlock the corner? Less work on their part?

I don’t know why my photos disappeared, but I posted a Photobucket link:

That wall is not 90 degrees, so the brick would have to be mitered on that corner. Shrinkage and slight movement of the wall caused this (probably frame wall). Sealing (expansion polyurethane caulk) or re-pointing is needed. Horizontal wall ties in the corner would help also.

All mitered corners in brickwork should have and be treated as a control joint using a backer rod and sealant.

Here is a photo of where I dug out the dirt beneath the crack. I could not get too far down because of some septic lines. I did not notice any further cracking downward. I hope that points away from a foundation issue:

bic 4jesus uploaded this image to

No they are not!

Charlie should be around shortly to tell you all about them…

You’re right. Sure doesn’t look like it.


They look like “lick and stick” to me.

His pics from other post General discussion (attic inspection)…tml?sort=3&o=1
Explains alot

Yes i agree not full brick.

Brick veneer.

The framing photos show the bosses 12 year old son got hold of a framing gun. Must have used up a lot of miscuts up in that attic.

I would have that home gone over and all suspect details having a photo and comment.
My guess is this home will have issues.

Those are full brick at the Living room round wall.

My guess would be improper brick ties or improper wall framing/support.

The wall is bowed outwards at the window significantly. So I will put my money on “structural movement”.

I look forward to you having your eyes on it, Mr. Anderson.

I don’t thinnk he posted this one…

might have to have some of that framing rust proofed…just sayin…

Can’t to take a look at this part as well…