New design template

Hi all- Just loaded another new brochure design template to the Marketing Library!


Took a look Andy but the PDF needs special software to open?
Can’t you make it possible to open without an advanced Graphic art degree?

They’ll only open in Adobe InDesign which I have but I doubt most inspectors do. A word template would probably be better (though not nearly as nice). Maybe offer both.

The idea is for you to give the file to your local professional printer to edit in your unique contact info and text changes, then print them.

The new Member Marketing Department will be offering this service to members at no charge soon. They first have to develop the library.

Why can’t the designers do this too: ?

Than everybody will be happy!

I think a Local professional printer is going to charge you the same to edit one of these as they do to design you one their self from scratch. Its just a stock image and some text.

And what exactly are they (The new Member Marketing Department) going to be offering for free once they get the library developed? Editing one of the library templates with our info? And then months later send us a file that we still have to take to a Local professional printer.

That is great ,but who here will blindly have these made with no halfway descent preview to look at.
Is there a reason they can not be put in a regular PDF high res format also.

When the time comes, depending on the number of requests, it will only take a couple of days from the time that we receive your information to personalize the templates to the time that we send it to your printer. It will be a VERY fast and efficient process. Obviously you’ll still have to pay your own printer costs, but you’ll only be paying that- the cost to print. You’ll be getting as many professionally designed brochures, booklets, fliers as you want for free. If we (the marketing team) take care of personalizing the template for you, there will be NO additional cost at print.

We are also open to creating new templates, just realize that it will be a longer process than if you were to choose an existing design.

I agree that there are problems with viewing templates online, we’re aware of it and it’s being worked on.

Hopefully we will be up and running smoothly soon, but until then, all feedback is appreciated!