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Give me an example of something that is difficult to find.

A home inspection law that solves an issue.

I would rather have buyers and seller coming to my site than to the NACHI site. This site is primarily for us and those interested in joining. I would hate to have to wade through consumer stuff.

Many have complained and it never has been changed, that when you click on chapters it doesn’t go directly to a page to choose the list of chapters or info on creating a chapter.

Going to a list of chapters isn’t much use to anyone as one can’t attend a chapter, only an upcoming chapter event. So we forward it to upcoming chapter events which all lead to their respective chapter sites. No one wants to know what events have already taken place.

And by the same token, going to information which tells one how to form a NACHI chapter doesn’t help either. Very few need that information and if they do we can get it to them. Very few care about the forms required to create a chapter.

It is best that it links to which is a list of current events… and so it does.

There is nothing wrong…an a whole lot right…with the current site.

Making it more like ASHI’s is a laughable goal, when you compare the traffic numbers.

As David said, the information it contains is not for the general public…but for home inspectors.

The events list there is fine it is just missing a direct link to the chapter list for those that just want to find one in their area, look for local events without wading through all of them. There is a link to free chapter websites so I suggest that a link directly to on the first page you come to when you click chapters would be useful to new members in finding a nearby chapter to join.

I’m not sure what all the stats mean exactly, but I do know that when ***I ***do a general search as a normal consumer might, under the heading of Home Inspection or Home Inspector on Google, Yahoo, MSN or, etc; comes up at or near the top of the page, ahead of So I’m not sure exactly what all of the traffic stats mean.

And in my my humble opinion, if I were a home buyer and first saw ASHI’s home page and then went to’s home page, I personally would find ASHI’s home page much more appealling to me as a homebuyer/seller. But of course, what appeals to one person may not appeal to another and that’s OK.
I would feel, however, that is clearly reaching out to me as a consumer, whereas seems to be centered on reaching out to the inspectors. And if that’s the intention, then that’s OK I suppose.

I continue to think, however, that the homepage of could be more consumer centered without loosing any of the thousands of benefits for inspectors. It just seems a shame to not utilize the face of more effectively as one more tool in our marketing and branding arsenal for the general public.

And I do realize that changes shouldn’t be made to a Rembrandt willy nilly. Originally when I started this thread, I was just hoping that some changes might be made by 2009 when the 8th wonder of the world is complete. I just wish you hadn’t gotten my hopes up, Nick, when you said last week that changes would be made by Monday (last Monday). (Yes, I know the new logo was added, but that doesn’t even remotely address what I’m talking about).

Anyway, I’m willing to wait until 2009, just don’t forget about me :slight_smile: .

The stats mean that despite the lower ranking more people visit the NACHI site. The top billing on a search may only be clicked on by roughly 25 percent of the people doing a search.

Most humans doing a search click on the #2 spot, not the #1 spot for phsychological reasons I don’t understand.

NACHI’s consumer sites are not geared at attacting traffic willy-nilly, but rather only that traffic likely to be a consumer in need of a home inspector. Although most visitors to your site may have got there by some other search, we are not at all interested in them. We want only those consumers about to hire a home inspector. Traffic that doesn’t lead to a sale means zip. Anyway, we happen to know that consumers in need of a home inspector type two things in a phrase in either order. One being either “certified home inspector” or “certified inspector” and the other being the city where they need the inspector.

For instance: “certified home inspector Boulder Colorado” would be a common search used by that portion of visitors who actually are about to hire an inspector.

An exception would be if the consumer is seeking an ancillary inspection such as mold or infrared. Then it would be adjusted to include that particular word such as “mold” or “infrared” or whatever.

It’s the same with many searches I think.

For example:

You could replace inspector (what) with restaurant, mold or certified (describing) with Italian, and Boulder (where) with Philadelphia and get “Italian Restaurant Philadelphia.” Location is important.

We have a webpage for every city in the U.S. and Canada. About 350,000 of them! and none point to

A local NACHI chapter in the state of Okla.


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