New Fillable Wind Mitigation Form

A new 2012 Fillable Citizens Wind Mitigation Form is available at:


It includes several other forms including:
Four Point Inspection, Roof Certification, Chinese Drywall.

Can you please post samples of your forms? I would like to know what I would be paying for…

There is a sample on the site.

I don’t see the four point, roof cert or Chinese Drywall forms. Perhaps it is my browser. for the 4pt form it just says click here for a sample… but I can’t get to it.

Must be this user… it is 4:00 almost in the afternoon… I have almost used up todays brain cells. :slight_smile:

All I checked was the wind mit :slight_smile: I am now done for the day as well :slight_smile:

Michelle, the only sample form I can find is the wind mitt as well nothing else. Houston we have a problem…

Wow…some have a lot of nerve!

Ha ha… at least I know it isn’t me… :slight_smile:

It usually is me… LOL!

Three years and 8 post, now he wants to corner the form market. I sure am glad we have


Christmas late:

Citizens Roof form

If there are any issues, let me know.

Isn’t this what we call spam?


No not you, the OP.

Thanks to those of you that beta tested the forms. The forms have had a few glitches fixed and are working perfect. Just open in adobe reader, filll in the form and save or print!

In two different threads no less! :roll:

HomeGauge has the forms, and update when the new forms change. Been using them for a while, and they all attach right to the report, or can be saved in PDF.

I’m sure HIP and other companies do the same.

WindSurance Wind Mitigation Report is free to InterNACHI members:

john shishilla’s forms have been the best for me. Plus, he is the most knowledgeable and accessible guy making the forms. The best part is that he shows you how to use them at the meetings. I could not be more grateful for the Shishilla’s help over the years. Thanks guys!

Dennis, I agree.