Wind Mit, 4-point & Citizens Roof Cert forms available for free from John Shishilla.

These are the very forms John’s company uses everyday. Included is the Florida Wind Mitigation(1802) form, the InterNACHI Four point form(modified), the Citizens Roof Certification Form, and separate blank picture page. All forms are fill-able and have *click to insert *images. As an added bonus there is a list of suggested images to include with the forms.

These are being graciously provided by John at no charge to InterNACHI members.

Members can download the entire package for free by visiting this members-only page: (You’ll need your InterNACHI member Username and Password).

That was nice of you John… :wink:

Thanks, John!


Thank you for the forms. Is it possible to change the wind mitigation form…I would like to put the name of my business and phone number instead of Honer Construction

Sorry I must have not change that before I sent it to Nick. Let me know if you notice anything else.

Here is an updated file:

When a few people have gone through it I will send Nick an update.

Don’t forget to put your license number and signature on the next version! ! :slight_smile:

OK…I laughed :slight_smile:


Won’t be the first time…

:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thank you John!

The real actual forms :slight_smile: No way…

I hope they have the sig also so I can starting guaranteeing discounts :slight_smile:

Thank You John!:cool:

Very gracious of you John.


You guys are welcome, it was about time.

Thank you John. Very nice of you.

Awesome, thank you John!

I like the ones with John’s name, no need to change it for me

John - thanks

I am unable to insert the “year built” under #1

Which form?

Got it added a text box with PDFill