New Fire Safety Tips trifold brochure added to library

I’ve just uploaded a new trifold brochure to the marketing library from a series of safety tips we’re creating!





Hi Andy,

How can I get a copy of this to print for my customers?

Daryl Bishop
Stoney Brook Inspectors
InterNACHI # 05072588

Has anyone mentioned most Print Media is dying?

That would make a really nice Link in my reports though, or an excellent Page on my Web site. :wink:

Not for home inspectors. In fact, we just printed our 1/2 millionth copy of “Now That You’ve had a Home Inspection” book.](Grow Your Business with Custom Home Maintenance Books - InterNACHI®)

That may be, not for me though.

I was wondering if perhaps some of these Marketing Pieces could also be Links that I could use in my reports and/or add to my Web site?

Jessica can do anything. We have an entire digital library in the works, specifically for inspectors.

The marketing library already has links to viewable PDFs for each piece.

If you would like me to create a personalized online PDF for you, go ahead and email me at

WOW, I will have it check it out later Jessica. Thank You. :smiley:

This will be helpful and is kinda overdue. Thanks