FLIR BCAM SD vs. Fluke TiR

What do the current owners think about these two cams. PRO’s & CON’s? I have read alot about both, and would just like to have some final input before I spend the $$$.

Keep in mind, PRO-LAB has the BCAM SD for $4699, and inspector essentials has the TiR for $4495, so price isn’t the issue.

Thanks for everyones input, thoughts, 2 cents, and votes, in advance. I feel like I get my iNachi’s moneys worth just having access to the members on this board!!!

Hi David,
I got to play with my TiR, finally. I really like it. The ir picture within the pic is great, 2 year warranty, very east to use.
The pics can be saved as .bmp files or radiomatric files on SD card- between 1200-3000 images.
Also, got mine for 3995.00.
Hope this helps,

Jaime, when did you order yours from Hi-Essentials? I ordered mine 4 weeks ago and Nick has yet to come through with it.

Michael-pm’d ya.


How about posting some pics?

Low battery life 3 vs 7 hrs. would be my concern.

I get about 3 inspections out of my battery between charges. That is over 9 hours of use.

Never push the battery beyond the warning indicator.

I have run the battery down to zero on my bcam many times
and never had a problem.

It’s not good for the camera when you run down the battery like that. I purchased a spare battery for my camera. It’s a small investment.


A little about batteries

It is not so much about the battery it is about the charger. If not done right it is going to cost money

Simple with auto shutoff and slow is better


I purchased a BCAM SD in April of 2007 and have been very happy. Great battery life. I particulairly like the temperature alarm and dewpoint alarm settings, great for performing moisture intrusion inspections and forensic investigations.

I would have liked a bit more resolution on the BCAM SD, if there is not a great deal of temperature difference the pictures are not the greatest quality. I’m sure this will come with future models, and probably at a better price as I see the BCAM SD is coming down in price right now.

Here is a picture from an inspection last week. Shows the wall between the house and attached garage.

normal view.jpg

ir view.jpg

Well, ok,since you asked.

thermal pics 004.jpg

thermal pics 002.jpg

thermal pics 003.jpg

thermal pics 001.jpg

Nice stuff.:smiley:

I am currently updating my camera.

Brian… If you want to play with a real one for a few days, give me a call and you can play with my Flir for a couple days.

After watching the link, I think you will agree it would be in your best interest to buy a real one prior to using it out in the field:)

Cool Dan, I want one sooooooo bad, just not in the budget at the moment. I will call you later this week. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I ordered a Tir From Hi-Essentials which gives NACHI memebers a discount. Over 4 weeks have gone by when they keep telling me an arrival date and it never happened. I had to cancel my order, Nick at Hi Ess. was no help. I never got an apology from him for the major inconvenience. He was very unprofessional, unconcerned about expediency (I have someone waiting to buy my current camera, if I lose that sale I am screwed). Another NACHI member ordered their camera 8 days I ordered mine and they got their camera already. Another NACI member mentioned the lack of customer service in regards to Infrared cameras. I do not understand, we are their target market and they are treating us poorly. I am am very disappointed with HI Essentials.

Sorry just complaining.


Thanks for the info.

Sorry you have had sucha bad expirence. I have dealt with Profesional Equipment and they have been great.

I got mine from Professional Equipment and it was at my doorstep in 3 days. I ordered a Delmhorst BD2100 moisture meter w/EIFS package from Prof.Equip. not long ago and again only 3 days. Great service.

Wow!! That’s some good information. I was just getting ready to order from HI Essentials. Michael, you should let Nick G know about this. He will likely make a phone call to figure out the deal.

Thanks for the insight!!!

I have used Pro-Eqpt. before, their prices are too high check out
They have alot of things we use at really good prices.

Check out this link as well.

I will let Nick G. know of difficulty with Hi-Ess.