First let me start by saying this is my first post (and many more to come). I am not a member YET…it’s a technicality really!? I have spent countless hours reading through every inch of this message board looking, learning, and laughing! Some of you guys have way too much free time! :wink:

I realize that this question has been beat to death…However, this IS serious business we’re talking about! I will be starting a new inspection company in the next few weeks (Alaska for those who care) and I plan to use a thermal imager. My budget for a camera is roughly $4000 but I might be able to shake my wife upside down and see what else falls out! So, if I were to find, let say $9000…

And here’s the question; what would you guys and gals recommend? Fluke Ti32, Flir B300/360 or something else? I THOUGHT I settled on the Fluke TiR. However, after reading many discussions on not limiting yourself, I’m wavering! It’s like owning a gun…I’d rather have one and not need it, then need one and not have it (in regards to buying the best you can afford)!

Sorry for the gun reference, but I do live in Alaska!

The Ti32 (TiR32) might be a mute point if it doesn’t magically appear in the next few weeks…

Thanks for the help and I look forward to learning from your mistakes! :slight_smile:

InterNACHI and www.InspectorOutlet.com can solve BOTH of those problems (combined), for under $4,000. You’ll end up with a FLUKE TiR and an InterNACHI membership which includes $50,000.00 worth of free membership benefits.](http://www.nachi.org/benefits.htm) No one can come anywhere near that deal.

Before you let other people here steer you into buying a camera, I would suggest getting some training first. The Level I Thermography course will help you decide what camera best suits you business goals and needs.

This is a large and very important investment that many just haphazardly make.

Just my “two” cents :slight_smile:


I agree. You can rent/lease cameras before you make the investment.

Thanks Nick! Already there! John Mckenna and I have already spoken…Two birds, one stone! Also planning on Level I thru Infraspection.

Linas, can’t you eat up $1000 a month leasing a unit? I understand the need to learn the science first, but I hate the idea of throwing money away!? It’s my understanding to even become Level I certified you have to own a camera!? I do plan on taking the class taught by John before I buy anything…I just want to have what is needed, when it’s needed. On the flip side, I don’t want to spend any more than I have to!

Will the TiR do everything that an HI would need it to? Will it do more? I don’t want to walk into a situation that requires something better! Heck maybe I should’ve waited to post this until *after *John’s class!?

It all depends on your plans and how you want to use the camera.
Taking a training class first helps you understand your options and
how the camera fits into your plans for the future. For some people,
cheaper is better and for some it is a mistake. It is really hard to
see all the dynamics until you have been through some training. I
recommend to my students that they only buy an IR camera after
they have taken some training, as Kevin said.

I don’t think you should take any training without your camera in hand IMHO. Imagine trying to learn to run a backhoe without a backhoe.

It’s why www.infraredcertified.com requires that you have a camera.

There are so many dynamics and specs regarding how and what
different IR camera can and cannot do, I have had some inspectors
tell me that they regret buying a camera before they took the training.

Many of my students buy their camera after they take our IR class
and then go back and review the 300 pages of material we give them.

So far, the most popular IR camera that our students buy is the
FLUKE TiR and most are still happy with that choice many months
later as they use it for inspections and energy audits. (I do not sell

My impression too.


You hit the nail on the head. Go see ( or call: 609.239.4788 ) Jim Seffrin and/or Perry Cabrera at Infraspection, get your level 1, then decide what camera you want to buy.

… I just love it when a new guy gets it and doesn’t get sucked in.

I took the building science course this covers many issues that you encounter during home inspections and can be applied to energy audits if you go in that direction.

Dear Travis:

Welcome to the exciting world of infrared thermography! We look forward to working with you in an upcoming class.

As a point of information, you do not need to own a camera to participate in one of our classes. In fact, our open enrollment classes have several cameras available for student use allowing you to experience the features and benefits of each before committing to a purchase.

For those just starting out, we recommend that you complete your Level I training before you purchase equipment. Doing so will allow you to see the many different uses of thermography and select an imager that will be appropriate the types of inspections you choose to provide. In many cases, a more expensive imager may prove to be the best choice if it allows you to provide inspections that have higher profit margins.

Please give us a call if you have any questions or we can be of further assistance.

For anyone with a Fluke TiR; TiR1; TiR32, etc AND Smartview

How do you change the pics to jpegs to just use that way?

In SmartView use the export function, either exporting a single image or a batch of them. You can choose the format and you can choose to include the temperature scale or not.

Use the “export” function. Very simple.
Can be exported as JPEG, BMP, etc


Which inspectors have the TiR-32 OR the TI-32 yet?

If so - Do you have anything to compare it to??

Nobody has them yet Dan. There are some demo units around the country in reps hands, you can see them at various trade shows.


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Lots of great advice here, but I want to add my 2cents worth as well. I studied the specs of both fluke and flir, contacted both companies and had them each send a rep to my home so that I could look, feel and try the cameras. 2 weeks later I negotiated with the reps and landed up buying a the reps demo camera (flir b60) which still had 18 months warranty left on the camera for the price of a b50. I have been playing with the camera and am very impressed with it’s performance. Once I have completed all the training required of a new interNACHI member I will be taking a IR course, but in the mean time I am learning by trial and error plus asking tons of questions to those who I know with cameras.

TiR32 & Ti32 are starting to ship now.

I should have a TiR32 this week. It was sent out Thursday or Friday. I will let you guys know as soon as it comes in. I also have the TiR1. So I will compare them and see if there is any difference…Damn I hope so. Guys John is the man for Thermal Infrared. I just mentioned his name and saved $1000. Can anyone else do that? Thanks John! Since he supports us, then I think its only right to support him if in the need for his class. Just my 2 cents.