To the South Florida Inspectors

My friend is a GC , and he has suggested I become a home inspector. I am currently out of work and looking to start a new career. He could not answer my question is there enough work out there for a new inspector ? I am not looking to get rich , if I make 35k I can get by.
What do you guys think ?

I think you should forget the idea. I can tell by your post that you are not a businessperson. This isn’t a career, it is a business.

The world is the limit!
It all has to do with what you want in life.

“if I make 35k I can get by.”

At $99.99 you would only have to do 350 inspections, per year.

Dont do it. That place is infested with inspectors everywhere. Oh wait sout FL is infested with people in general. And they also have a village idiot! Can’t think of the name of hand though. I heard he know plumbing though.

Where in South Florida…Instead of opening a business, if your qualified and have some experience, I might be able to hire you. Always looking for good people.

Being in business is hard. You should not go into business to make a good living. You should only go into business to make a great living. It is insane to go into business to just “get by.”

Nick I still am not a business person but put in the work because of my love of Inspection…must be crazy…oh ya I am.:slight_smile:

My point is when taking classes My instructor whom you know pretty well [Chuck] took myself and one other guy out for a beer after the last class and looked me straight in the eye then said “Bob” you are the one person in the entire class I think can make it big in this profession.

I was the guy arguing the instructor was wrong all the time.

My first year or two I typed with one finger (LOL, doing that now but only because I am multi-tasking) and kept a part time job doing Cable for Comcast with only a few jobs to show that year .

Nick you went on to write something about jumping in full time and never looking back.
That was back around 2006 and here I am today doing well but never satisfied.

Please do not give up on this guy or become jaded just because us dummies who know nothing about business have a dream as you never did give up on anyone in the past .

Learning and hunger for learning are all that’s required as this is not rocket science but maybe I am missing something in the O.P you see ?

Nick I think you clearly misunderstood what I was saying. I don’t expect to make 100k my first year. If I start off slow I can get by , but my goal is to make a great living for my family and myself. Seems as some people have taken it upon themselves to post their personal issues here. I’m a little dissapointed I expected more professionalism .

Christopher what does that mean , where did you pull your figures out of ?

" If I start off slow I can get by "

Your statement is like nails on a chalkboard to me Juan. I do not recommend you go into business for yourself. I hope you prove me wrong and become outrageously successful. Only trying to help.

Nick is right.

I strongly disagree , you don’t know someone by one statement. He just comes off as someone trolling the message boards looking to be negative. He doesn’t even live in South Fl. so he shouldn’t have even responded. Unfortunately the internet is full of people just
spitting out negativity . To think you know someone just by one statement is absurd. I have two close friends with 60 years of business experience between them , I take advice from them.

If you ask them a question like “is there enough work out there?” or tell them that “you can get by if you can make 35K” they will also advise you not to go into business. I’m trying to be helpful to you. Find a steady job.

Nick you obviously don’t get it , your not helpful at all . You need to STOP giving out “advice”.
You come off as a rude ignorant person . I’m just trying to be honest. Good Luck !

Good luck to you too. Best wishes.