Thomas Enterprising - Re-Inspection Opportunity (Licensed Needed)

Thomas Enterprising is still looking for additional inspectors for our re-inspection program.

Nachi Inspectors - $55 / Residential Inspection.
We provide scheduling and data entry assistance. In addition we provide free training and support for all of our inspectors.

Commercial work also available. $95 - $260 / inspection per building. Many assignments consist of multiple buildings.

There are several vendors in this program but you can rest assured I will be personally interested in your individual success. If you are a great inspector you will only need to tell us when you DON’T want to work.

Realistic work expectations

Dade, Broward, Palm Beach - 35-60 Inspections / week.
Outside of those counties may vary.

Requirements: CGC, CRC, CBC, PE, AR, BN License ONLY.
1 Million GL
1 Million Auto Liability
10K Dishonesty Bond
Spotless Background
Pass a Drug Test
Physically Able to get into Attics
Ability to run a computer
Ability to Follow directions

Find out why we were to company of choice during the My Safe Florida Home program for many inspectors.


I returned your call and left you a message. Feel free to contact me anytime.

What a JOKE\:D/. You must be quite hungry to work for those fees…](*,)-X

I agree John, you are lucky if you break even after paying for all the insurance they require…

I think the OP is an insurance salesman in disguise, they’ll use any tactic to sell a policy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lets do some quick math. $55 / Inspection x 5 per day = $275 / day

$1375 / Week doing 25 inspections a week. Thats $71,500 / year.

I do understand that there was a time when these inspections paid $150 each and only took 10 minutes. If that opportunity still existed I am certain that we would all be participating however that is not the case.

In a perfect world I would want the inspectors to be paid more for the work but this is the program and for many inspectors it is a great opportunity for work.

As far as insurance costs are concerned, we have found the GL costs $600-$700 / year and this can be paid in installments. Most inspectors insure through State Farm for auto which is quite affordable and the bond costs about $100-$140 / year.

I am very happy to hear that many of the Nachi members are not interested as this seems to say that everyone is staying busy with work and at the end of the day, that is all we should want for our fellow members.

No doubt the enterprising nose-to-the-grindstone inspector would be required to do his own scheduling of these 25 weekly inspections too, which would turn this into a 60+ hour work week… Ahhh, the sweet smell of a $275/10-hour day success story. :smiley:

I’ll bet the phones are ringing off the hook. :mrgreen:

Actually we do scheduling and even help with the input, but had you read the post you would have seen that.

We have many more applicants than we can use, but I still would prefer they also be Nachi inspectors.

Do you see a reason we should not try to use interested Nachi inspectors who also have a qualifying license? Who would be more capable?


ill do em all day long for 90$

You must think home inspectors are idiots. If all home inspectors refused to work for $55/inspection we would be doing ourselves and our profession a service.

Obviously that ain’t the case, but I can imagine that you are suffering from high turnover and higher than anticipated training costs which are eating into a poorly constructed profit model. If you weren’t aware before, I’m sure that you have come up against the hard facts that contractors & home inspectors are a fiercely independent bunch. :smiley:

All the best in your endeavors.

If I have to do inspections for $55.00/each:roll:. I will quit the business in a heart beat. I will not move my H2 HUMMER from my driveway for that kind of money I rather play golf or go fishing:p. Obama will take care of us\:D/. Slavery has been over for years my friend. If you can find inspectors from other association that can perform inspections for $55.00 go ahead and hire them by the truck load. InterNACHI inspectors are quite qualified and we do not work -Xfor peanuts.

I am confused?

As someone who has been around for a few years, I do not consider myself a newbie or an old timer but; Why would anyone knock the chance to make some money especially in this economy.

The new guys need to start somewhere. With more than 10% unemployment in this area, something is better than nothing.

The “older” guys scoffed at MSFH when they were paying $75.00 per inspection. They got left behind. I hear many long term guys complaining they are not busy, there is not enough work to do, but again they do not want to work hard for their money.

I am not advocating what Thomas is paying. They are good guys, playing the cards the state(Citizens) has dealt them. Their pay is equivalent or better than some of the other companies doing similar work. If they(Citizens) does not get enough of these done they will raise the price, eventually.

If you are a busy inspector/contractor this is not the work for you. If you are not busy you should take a long hard look at what you are doing and what your competition is doing or get left behind again or still.

America was build on competition, it is the way it is, prices will fail when there are people hungry for work.

BTW, We make more money per hour doing Insurance inspections than home inspections and less liability.

Then there are some very poor inspectors, and with the fees I see some charge it is no wonder.:roll:

Your confusion comes because you are advocating that we as home inspectors prostitute our profession on a short-term basis because (a) Citizens F ucked up the insurance market in Florida and (b) because Thomas bid the job without understanding the project and available professional workforce. It’s a simple mistake, go easy on yourself. BTW MSF was a failure regardless of how you cut it.

The thing you have to ask yourself is… What criteria did Thomas use to bid the work from Citizens? Did he have a workforce in place that was willing to work for a paltry $55/inspection or did he just wing it hoping to buy the pot?

Good guy not withstanding, I am not in business to guarantee that Thomas earns a profit off the backs of independent home inspectors because of an incompetent bid, are you?

I am not advocating anyone should do these inspections unless they need to.

There are a large group who have nearly no work and there is an opportunity to make some money. I do not do these inspections, but did the MSFH inspections.

What I do advocate is: If you do what you always have done and it is not working you need to do something else. My confusion is: why do we bash people for doing what they need to do to?

joey doesn’t need the work, he’s got to keep the people here informed about the loser president and homo updates.:p:p:p

Do you not understand there are many forces attempting to steer our profession, the builders, the insurers, the Realtors. In the beginning the major players in the MSF program attempted to bypass home inspectors and use out of work insurance adjusters because they would work for nothing, well that move cost a few of the MSF contractors their contract. Since then I have no respect for those who think that we are their personal workforce, so sue me.

I think they did exactly that. I am sure that the driving forces was the insurance industry. That is why contractors are doing inspections. By home inspectors not doing the MSFH inspections, contractors and adjusters got involved and now they are doing home inspections and insurance inspections. I also believe that if Home inspectors were licensed before MSFH they would have used home inspectors and things would be very different. Contractors would have never been called for wind mits, never learned four points and then started doing home inspections. The game has changed. Licensing may swing it back towards Home inspectors, especially if the Citizens start to recognize the license.

If I may interject here for a moment.

Does anyone else find it hard to believe that individuals compensated at a $55 level are going to be the guys to “correct” the issue of inaccurate inspection reports?

The old saying goes. You get what you pay for.
Im just saying