New FLUKE firmware update

For those members using FLUKE (IR) Infrared cameras, I use a TI 300 60 hz and TI100, there is a New Fluke IR 4.2 Firmware Update and well as a Smartview software update.

The firm was download to my TI300. I will keep you posted if my TI100 is capable of upgrading the firmware.

Note: The Firmware does not download like old FLUKE firmware, through Google’s Chrome Browser. Or did not for me.:wha?:
I restarted the installation 2 times without success. No software/firmware in Chrome’s download section.:wha?: Hmm…

:idea:The third time I dragged my cursor to the bottom righthand side of my screen, hidden icons window, and saw the firmware downloading slowly, as usual.\:D/ Took <3 minutes at 63.45 mbps.
Success at last.

Hope that helped.
Good luck.
Rovert & Robert