Hi, the price (below US$800) and spec look great.
Any comments?

The problem I see is this: Infrared camera 30x31pxl

Very small screen and resolution. Stick with Flir or Fluke

Hi David, thanks for your opinion!

Actually, my Fluke TiR seems not working properly. It was about 10years

Attached are the images taken, there are “yellow shadow” at the right bottom corners. And the battery cannot last for long.

Is … the device over?IR000078.jpg


What do you expect for 10 years? Did you perform any maintenance or send it to Fluke for repair? If not, why not?

I live in Hong Kong, and I have not found the agent yet.
If the cost of repair is too high, I would consider buying a new one

Then how did you make the purchase? WHO did you purchase from?

30x31pxl? 930 total pixels is very small indeed.

Not to correct you but I thought it was Fluke or Flir? :wink:
Either or, great advice:-)

Hi sleung. Be careful of false advertising. Look at the ad closer. It states 30x31 pixels.

I have 2 IR camera’s. Both Fluke.
My Ti100, 120 x 160 pixels is $4,000 dollars now.
My Ti300 60Hz. is $8,700. Add tax and add-ons and one would pay upwards of $10,000 today.

For any 120 x 160 pixel IR camera expect to pay $2,500 and up.

Hope that helps.

Is that USD, Canadian, or Yen? :roll:

Is the imager performing a NUC / Calibrating? I’m not sure how to manually perform or invoke a NUC on a Fluke camera, but I’m wondering by the irregular image whether yours is doing so.

Thanks for all comment.This is indeed not suitable for me

The specs on this HTI camera do not jive. In another area, the HTI camera with that is listed as a 160x120 camera is sold for $2300, not $800.

30 day warranty??? Funny.

Our students can get a major brand name IR camera with 160x120 resolution for $1700 (I cannot name the brand and price together in a public forum). But everyone knows it already and the warranty is for years, not a few days.

A quality camera should also be drop tested so it can withstand a 6 ft fall, not to mention a better mK rating, better lens, better processor, wi-fi and rugged construction for a camera that will last a decade.

Watch our video on Thermal Imaging.

Pay attention to the section that discusses inferior camera parts that are in use to day . Not all IR cameras are equal. I do not sell cameras but find good deals for my students. My students also get $100 off their InterNACHI member renewal fee.

In every on-location class we look at sheetrock with moisture added to the back side. Then we compare how well a better camera can see the moisture spot vs the low end cameras that miss it. If your going to do IR then do it like a professional and give your client reliable results. It is the things you will never see that will come back later to get you in trouble.

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