New *FREE* Business Card, Business Card Sticker & Vehicle Magnet Design for Paradise Inspections LLC

Just starting out and wondering how to build your brand? InterNACHI’s marketing and design services set the bar in the home inspection industry and are FREE for our members to take advantage of! Starting with an elegant and bold logo design, we created three stunning marketing pieces for Paradise Inspections LLC. The business card, business card sticker, and vehicle magnet connect into a cohesive and eye-catching brand platform sure to make an impact on their clients. Gradient background, hi-resolution relevant imagery, and striking color transitions make these marketing pieces stand out. This is a great example of what InterNACHI’s marketing team can design for you for FREE!

This member saved $563.75 by taking advantage of our free design and editing services.

  • Logo Design: 2.75 hrs @ $85/hr = $233.75
  • Business Card Design: 1 hrs @ $85/hr = $85.00
  • Business Card Sticker Design: 1 hrs @ $85/hr = $85.00
  • Vehicle Magnet Design: 1 hrs @ $85/hr = $85.00
  • Writing & Editing: 1.5 hrs @ $50/hr = $75.00
  • Total: $563.75
  • InterNACHI Discount: -$563.75
  • Cost to member: $0.00 ( members only pay for printing )

Logo and marketing design services are a free InterNACHI membership benefit. Email to get started!


Nice work.

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I’ve got to admit that’s both professional (eye catching) and clean. I want you to speak to Nick about adding Calendars to the list. Calendars are the way to go.

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I’m glad you liked the design! Calendar is a great idea for sure, hope to see them soon.

Me too Hana.
If y’all can include the “little fishes” showing the best fishing day’s, that would be great. A lot of river’s and lakes in Southwest Virginia. Folks around here would really enjoy that.

Special Request: have the design team at InterNACHI create a yearly calendar (described below) and once the inspector’s purchase (I’ll be the 1st one) include their Company Logo and contact information.

Include a picture of each category below and have a text overlaid on top of the picture educating the client(s) on their home (systems).
Create a yearly Calendar using the InterNACHI Standards of Practice.

3.1. Roof
3.2. Exterior
3.3. Basement, Foundation, Crawlspace & Structure
3.4. Heating
3.5. Cooling
3.6. Plumbing
3.7. Electrical
3.8. Fireplace
3.9. Attic, Insulation & Ventilation
3.10. Doors, Windows & Interior

Come on Nick Gromicko @gromicko make this happen. People always need calendars and it puts your Inspectors infront of them 365 days a year, 24/7. If they have guests coming over their friends and family will use that home inspection company the next time they buy or sell a house. It’s “Smart and Affordable Advertising” and it will look good on InterNACHI as well. Everyone wins.

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Hashtag #InterNACHICalendar
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