New, free Texas real estate agent marketing cards.

Allow all the real estate agents in Texas to get their required continuing education, online, for free, forever:

Thanks Nick.

Got my order in for 2 packs- 100.
Is there just the 2 courses offered to agents or is there more or going to be more?

We’re getting 2 courses approved in every state first, then going back and getting more as some states don’t permit agents to repeat courses and have them count for continuing education.

Thanks Nick. Ordered my pack the other day. Great Marketing Tool…

Nick, will we be able to track if any agents use it?

Nick, just received my cards. Thanks.
Is there going to be more than 2 courses offered though?

Yes, the system emails you when one of your agents completes a course.

Ultimately, we want about 4 dozen courses approved per state/province.

I just saw this… gonna order some shortly.

Just ordered mine!

Hmm, I have several agents complete the courses and I didn’t get an email.

I was mistaken, your contact information is provided to the agent on the first splash page before they enter the course.


I see on this page that Virginia is listed for the Continuing Education Courses for Real Estate Professionals…

And that there are marketing cards for some states…

My question is will Virginia be included in the free marketing cards?