New furnace disclaimer?

I typically recommend that gas/oil furnaces be serviced annually and electric furnaces serviced every few years. I inspected a flip home today with a new furnace in it. I am wondering if it is wise to put any sort of a disclaimer in my report when I come across new furnace units. Maybe something about having it evaluated by an HVAC technician to insure it was done properly. I get better everyday but I will readily admit I am not as knowledgeable as an HVAC technician.

It appeared to be mostly decent except for the filter just being set on top of the unit.

Kyle, The filter placement and lack of return air duct work concerns me. In these cases I look up the model number of the furnace and review the installation manual; I use that as a guide to determine if the install is correct. Is this furnace allowed in a closet? Clearance to combustibles? Is that an appliance connector passing through the furnace cabinet? How does someone repair or work on the gas line with a wall so close? Those are my questions based on the picture.

There are many code issues for a furnace install, building ventilation code, fire code as well as gas code and electrical code. Depending on your AHJ a permit may be required (you need to ask ahj). Without being a code inspector you can always recommend the seller provides proof of permit and inspection if that applies to where you are. One thing wrong about your pic is that return air must be at least 10 feet from the furnace if furnace and return are inside the same space.

Often, the install manual for the furnace can be found at or near the furnace. This can be quite helpful when trying to determine the need to write up an improper installation and recommend further evaluation by an appropriately qualified specialist.

What is the difference between new, 6 month old, 5 year old or 25 year old? No reason to disclaim anything. Perform your inspection, report what you see.

They changed it to 12’ last year Eric. Just to clarify.

Maybe I am getting old and blind but your furnace appears to be an electric furnace in a Mobil home. On that type of install the return air is normal I assume the closet door is louvered for the return air. May be I am seeing things but I don’t think so tell me I am wrong

24 years six months;-)

It’s a gas furnace, no doubt. I don’t see any door for that closet either.

Appears to be gas feed bottom left in photo

Where is the flue vent I don’t see it

I see said the blind man to his deaf daughter:D

I didn’t see it either! But I quit wearing my glasses for a few weeks because of a torn retina. I did see the gas pipe though!

What’s your excuse? Rooftop altitude sickness!\:D/

Prolly so:shock: