New garage door opener installation method

I ran across a new way of installing garage door operators. I have never seen this and unfortunately the manual wasn’t available to make sure it was done correctly. Has anyone else seen this and if so, where can I find a manual for this?

You don’t need a manual…just take our word for it. It’s wrong. :wink:

They’re circumventing the safety-reversing mechanism, and as Mike mentioned, its flat wrong.:frowning:

LOL well it may catch a fly

If any bugs fly up there, it will DEFINATELY stop the door!!!

I have dozens of pictures taken at inspections with the reverse sensors installed at the ceilings near the opener motors. Actually, common for me, and should always be noted on your report as incorrect installation.

I guess the cat better watch out and keep its tail tucked in.

I’ve even found them in the attic above the opener. The good one is when they are installed on the door tracks with the proper mounting brackets…at eye level.:shock::D:D

You are making a joke, right?

Ditto. . .

As I checked the door, I noticed that there were no sensors installed. I hit the button to test the operation and wondered what it was I saw on top of the opener. I couldn’t get over it when I realized what it was.

check list for checking garage door opener.