New Grandfathering Requirements

I just talked to Richard Morris the Director at the DBPR. I was inquiring as to the type of inspection report that was required to be sent in. This is what Mr. Morris told me.

Effective immediately, it is no longer necessary to copy and send 120 full home inspection reports when applying for a home inspector’s license by grandfathering. When using three years of experience or 120 home inspection reports to qualify for licensure under this method. Beginning immediately a list of the 120 inspection using the form attached rather than the reports themselves will be acceptable.

Nick please feel free to call Mr. Morris to verify. I am attaching the form he provided to me via e-mail.

Glad I picked up my 5000 pages from the copier today…

That is good news. :cool:

I knew this would eventually happen and said so here on another thread. To require 120 paper copies of the reports is and was a cumbersome way to do this. I do not know why this new form is even a requirement when if you read the header instructions, you can omit by redaction the address and customers name. Basically all you have to do is put down a date and the price of the inspection. A simple signed and witnessed by a notary sealed affidavit or a CD would have done the same thing. We can put a man on the moon but can not get away from paper records. It is good news as I have been waiting until now for them to come to some senses on this. Thanks for the link to the form.

We all new it was a rediculous requirement from the beginning that would eventually be removed or modified. The State should refund the expense of copiiny and sending in the 120 reports to those that complied. lol ---- I spoke to them weeks ago inquiring what they do with all these reports. Their response was that they scan them in to the system an shread them afterwards. I for one do not believe tat they scanned anything other than the first couple of pages from each report, if even that. They should be spanked for not clearing up this issue in the begining, when everyone was enquiring.

I thought you were done with all of that.:smiley:

Licensing solved that issue, so why have it?

I’m not as quick as you #10! LOL!

Gary why does licensing in Florida affect you in anyway?

Thanks for the info.

Everything I read says “3 years OR 120 inspections”.

So why is everybody copying 120 inspections? Why don’t they just use their 3 years experience?

Dan, it is not one or the other. The DBPR defined proof of the 3 years experience as 120 inspections.

This is true. Just a list of the inspections is required such as your monthly reports. Mr. Morris confirmed this at a presentation a few weeks ago. He also said that these lists would be scrutinized/verified to minimize the potential for fraud.

Well, well well, big government does it again:-;;. I killed 6 trees to send my info, now you only need to kill just one leaf. How about MOLD ASSESOR requirements. Why do we NEED 1M in GL & EO? and 40 invoices. Why not list the jobs and keep 300K liability insurance that can be combined with the HI insurance:roll:. For HI insurance all you need is 300K GL.

Why paying the governmet any money for the license?:mrgreen: Have they resolved anything? NO!:shock: