Waterered down H.I. Bill

I wanted grandfathering but this is crazy.

468.8324 Grandfather clause.—A person who performs home
344 inspection services as defined in this part before July 1, 2011,
345 may qualify to be licensed by the department as a home inspector
346 if the person meets the licensure requirements of this part, and
347 if the person has: by July 1, 2010.
348 (1) Received compensation as a home inspector for not less
349 than 1 year prior to July 1, 2011; or
350 (2) Performed no fewer than 50 home inspections and
351 received compensation for such inspections prior to July 1,
352 2011.
353 Section 8. Subsection (5) of section 481.215, Florida
354 Statutes, is repealed.
355 Section 9. Subsection (5) of section 481.313, Florida
356 Statutes, is repealed.

What is crazy about it in your opinion?

I think all in business when the Bill was signed should be grandfathered. I have no problem with that as a grandfather clause. This will allow new inspectors time to get grandfathered so everyone can start on even ground. The market will weed out the inspectors that do a poor job.

That is from SB 648. The one other version is in SB1313.
Go to the thread Nick started in Florida Inspectors about 2-3 days ago.
I forget thread name but its recent

Steve, my reading of this ammendment suggests that this 50 inspection requirements is in addition to the existing provisions of the original bill which also calls for 120 hours of approved education and passing a State approved examination.

Have you figured out which school you’re going to attend to be in compliance??



I believe that Gerry is correct. SB 648 actually increases requirements for Grandfathering.

Steve Taylor
Taylor Inspection Services, Inc.
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What happened to the state accepting InterNachi’s training courses for the 120 hrs. by 03/11/11?
I wish this state of confusion gets their act together. I’ve been in business 10 years and have done 1000’s of inspections.

How’s it going out you way Gerry? It’s been awhile. Hope all is well.