New Guy in Hawaii w/ questions about training

After the birth of my son, I have decided to get into home inspection. I am curious as to which online inspection training is the best/most thorough. Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone.

C’mon :roll:.

Classroom education is much better than online education. See if you can find a course that also has field work. There is no substitiution for it.

You can’t learn this profession from a chair in a classroom. You need online and online video courses that can put you in 100 different homes, crawlspaces, service panels and roofs with the world’s leading subject matters looking at thousands of real defects. Real homes don’t have that and classrooms certainly don’t.


You were correct in looking for online courses, especially in Hawaii.

I have tried to evaluate this as well. Once I reached the Internachi program I looked no further. Best training without question. The follow up and access to information related to the industry is without parallel. Not to mention-it’s free! You won’t find that in any other organization where you typically pay for each credit hour of education. I Your experience in building trades at will go a long way in the understanding building sciences, which is what home inspecting generally deals in.