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LIVE FREE OR DIE {State Motto}

Chapter of
**The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors **

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Frank Carrio One One February 2, 2006
Chapter President

Greetings to all!

I am happy to announce that on the evening of February 01, 2006 The New Hampshire Chapter of The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors {NACHI} had its first meeting.

The meeting was held at The Yard Restaurant in Manchester New Hampshire. Even though Marcus Hutnick and I arrived an hour early we were both pleased to find that the meeting room had already been set up, and that it was clean, well laid out, and perfect for our needs.

The food and deserts were GREAT! There was enough for all of us to have seconds or thirds if we were so inclined. Congratulations, and gratitude go out to the Staff {John & Lorraine} and the management of The Yard, and especially to our own Marcus Hutnick for taking on the task of arranging all of this on such a short notice! WELL DONE!

The meeting started with the Pledge of Allegiance to our country’s Flag, which judging by the enthusiastic participation was heartfelt and sincere.
{Thanks go to Carla for the reminder.}

We had a diverse group of Certified Inspectors in attendance. Some were ASHI, some were certified by more than one association, some “independent”, and then of course the majority were certified by NACHI. The group consisted of several Engineers, one Code Compliance inspector, several long established and experienced home inspectors and some “new to the industry” Certified Home Inspectors.

The main topic of discussion was the poorly written, clearly biased, New Hampshire House Bill 642. It was apparent that this Bill was going to have a severe negative affect on all New Hampshire Based Home Inspectors, regardless of whether or not they were affiliated with ASHI, NACHI, ITA, or any other professional association.

I am proud to say that we had two very well respected and long term*** New Hampshire State Representatives***, [FONT=Algerian]Angeline Kopka, and Benjamin Baroody come to our first New Hampshire Chapter meeting and we had the pleasure of having them address the negative issues of this bill. [/FONT]

I can safely say that in their address to our membership they said that this bill appalled both of them. Both agreed HB642 was poorly written, not very well thought out, and that it would have a huge negative impact not only on New Hampshire’s Certified Home Inspectors but also on the entire Real Estate Industry of our small state.

At this meeting we took a survey and we all agreed that we were opposed to several issues and or omissions in House Bill 642. Here a just a few of the more obvious ones.

  1. There is no “Grandfathering Clause*.” Initially this would put everyone out of
    business until we could meet some vague and undefined criteria.
    ** 2**. The so-called “Educational Requirements” leave out several import facts.
    Such as the fact that at present there is no physical facility in the State that is
    teaching this unknown course, and the curriculum is unknown. More importantly
    the “expertise or lack of it” of the authors of this “course” is a mystery.
    ***[FONT=‘Times New Roman’]3. ***The so-called “Reciprocity Clause” is a lop-sided joke. The way it is written, on the day this bill comes into effect all New Hampshire Certified Home Inspectors will be out of business while Massachusetts “Certified / Licensed” home inspectors will be allowed into New Hampshire to conduct Real Estate Home inspections. I am sure that the New Hampshire Based Real Estate Brokers and Agents will just be thrilled to put their livelihood in the hands of a ***Massachusetts Home Inspector.
    ***[FONT=‘Times New Roman’]4. ***The “makeup” of the Home Inspectors Licensing Board is to include a Real Estate Agent! Look at the criteria of the “Public Member”. ******[/FONT]
    Quote: They can have no material interest in the outcome of a Home Inspection
    Unquote. ***[FONT=‘Times New Roman’]Do you think that a New Hampshire licensed Real Estate Agent ***[/FONT]
    [FONT=Times New Roman] falls into that category? [/FONT]

We all agreed that the list of gross omissions, the flagrant conflict of $$ interest $$ by the New Hampshire Licensed Real Estate Agent author of this bill and the lack of specificity was enough to have this bill thrown out.

Both New Hampshire State Representatives agreed. They will be at the E.D. & A. Committee’s Public Hearing on February 14, 2006 to voice their opposition to this bill.
In order to keep this newsletter brief I am not detailing every item of contention in this bill. If you do not have a copy and would like one E-mailed to you please let us know.

I explained to the Home Inspectors present at this, “The first Official New Hampshire NACHI Chapter meeting” that it has been a very long and hard road just to get a Chapter formed. I explained that Nick Gromicko Founder of The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors had appointed me as Chapter President. Without going into detail I also explained that there were at least two people who were upset that I was appointed as Chapter President.
At this point I asked if anyone present thought that I was “doing a bad job as Chapter President, and wanted me to step down to please let me know”. No one raised their hand or voiced any opposition. I then asked for volunteers to take over the position and office of the Chapter President and that we would vote on any and all nominations. No one volunteered.
Just to matters clear I asked for a vote of all who thought I was “doing a good job” and wanted me to stay as NH Chapter President. I was surprised to see that the vote was unanimous! We all consider the matter closed and settled. It is time to move on.

Then we voted on the Board of Directors, I am happy to announce the following;
New Hampshire Chapter Vice President: MARCUS HUTNICK****
New Hampshire Chapter Secretary: JOHN HASTINGS
New Hampshire Treasurer: Open & to be voted on at the next Chapter Meeting.

Many, many, thanks go out to all who attended. Your participation and Professionalism was, and still is GREATLY appreciated! All attendees will receive credit for one CEU.

The time and place of the Next chapter meeting will be announced 60 to 45 days in advance. We plan on having one every quarter and more if desired.

We will be offering technical workshops, and also have technical speakers. Future CEU’s will be based on the length of the workshop.

All meetings will be open to all certified home inspectors regardless of their association and or affiliations. Notice will posted on the NACHI national website and will be sent out in a 400-mile radius. All are welcome.

Once again, I thank each and every inspector who attended and my most heartfelt thanks and appreciation to State Representatives, [FONT=Algerian]Angeline Kopka and Benjamin Baroody for their staunch support in defeating New Hampshire House bill 642.[/FONT]

Sincerely and Warmest Regards, [FONT=‘Brush Script MT’]Frank Carrio [/FONT]
New Hampshire Chapter President
The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors. {February 2, 2006 1:53 PM}