New here: is it possible to get in touch with a forum member privately?

Hi, Natalia here.

Was wondering if it’s possible to contact a member or send a private message?

Email-only, until you bring your trust level up too, contributor. :grinning:


thanks! where can i see someone’s email?
sorry for the debutant question :frowning:

Touch the member’s profile pic, and their profile should come up, give it a try. You will also have to touch the second profile pic. Then go to preferences.

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I thought that is what I was doing, I’m confused. can you @sbridges2 send ME a private message? (It would be extremely hard to believe that it wouldn’t be working just for me)

I just sent you a private message did you get it?

Yes I did!
nevermind… I think it’s because my profile is too new, that I cant send any to anyone.
Maybe you could help me send a message to a member?

I was doing research and found a topic here that has a missing picture I was looking for.
So went online, after a few hours I found the picture!

I think it would be much appreciated if we had it on our forum as well since its missing, yet a popular answer.

You can post a pic, just add it to the topic in the tread.

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Awesome! thank you!
Very sweet to take the time.

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You have to work the forum more to bring your trust level up. and then you will be able to privet message.

kinda sucks
cause it gamifying the system

It does not take much time to bring your trust level up to contributor. you are working on it now. just keep posting.

LOL … i got free time this evening, you think I can do it …today?!! :smiley:

I don’t know how long it takes.

Could you do me, and us the forum readers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
a lil’ favor?

send a PRIVATE MESSAGE to (cause… no one needs to whole backstory lol)

and tell him that in his ANSWER here: Grounding rod connection from meter box

his picture is missing, and I was looking all over the internet and finally found it!
So he can easily edit his answer with this:

dang it…

this is public… I’m so embarrassed. Maybe I should give up.

Don’t be embarrassed as you have nothing to embarrassed about, at least not yet. :sunglasses:

Oh, and never give up. :wink:

This is awesome. I joined here because I needed a career change during covid… lots of real estate action. Never thought there was such an active community of inspectors :heart_eyes:

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just go to the thread you are talking about and post your quote and pics. It doesn’t look like he is a very active member of the forum so he may not get the message.

She is showing as a NON-MEMBER, and until she becomes a Member, she will NEVER be able to email a member directly!

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