Non-members can no longer send private messages to members through this site.

Just FYI.


This is a very positive step IMHO

Great move.

[FONT=Arial]Great News![/FONT]

  • [FONT=Arial]They should also not be allowed to generate / start threads!
    [/FONT] - [FONT=Arial]Especially the NACHI bashers whose sole purpose is to slander our association and have the slanderous remarks about our association and about our inspectors posted all over the internet. :twisted:[/FONT]
  • [FONT=Arial]The NACHI Bashers from other associations see this as a great tool and ***method ***to destroy the reputation of ANY inspector ***associated with NACHI!***[/FONT]

Starting threads by non members would have to be approved would they not?

I am sorry to say NO!

They do it all of the time!

Also… I ask that you delete my quote.

I believe that is in works, not only threads but posts as well.

Frank, That is what this new change is about.

I am unaware of any “Change”.

As it is now you have three members of the ESOP commenting on this issue.

Please send me an E-Mail with any further information.