New home builders in Dallas area

Anyone have any opinions or advice about home builders in the Dallas area? Who’s good, who’s bad. What to watch out for.

Specifically any info on Centex Homes or David Weekely, but any others as well. Thanks.


Google Centex Lawsuits or David Weekely Lawsuits…there is a host of information on the internet.

Add “PULTE” to the list. Buyer beware!!!

Hi Terry,

I don’t know about Dallas, but here in Tampa Centex Homes has gone from being one of the worst builders to one of the best, I would still stay away from US Homes / Lennar & K&B, Morrison and David Weekly are in the pack and depends on the development.

Good Luck - Joe.

Not useful advice.

  1. Can’t sue a builder in Texas
  2. When you could sue them, settlements tended to stay private.

Russell in Texas

“Can’t sue a builder in Texas”? So what do people do: Have their new home inspected so they can sue the home inspector?

Jim King

Russell…I didn’t say anything about suing a builder in Texas.

I said Google the builders, there is host of information.

If you did Google the two Builders in question, you will see their track records.

Pretty much the same as the track record of any track builder though, “Poor”.