New Home Construction Inspections

Anyone else doing more new ones that pre-existing? I’m probably doing 3 new ones to 1 pre-existing. I like it myself… much faster and same pay :slight_smile:


I am still doing phase inspections! I have had 2 mortgage lenders call me to do phase inspections on homes they are doing the construction loans. I think it is a smart idea by lenders.

The percentage of new homes being inspected is slowly catching up to existing homes. Too many TV shows about crappy builders. Good for us.

I do a few new home inspections during the year but it takes me longer and I charge more for new ones. How do you cut your time down or what do you inspect or not inspect?

New houses are usually built under codes so I do as much code checks as are visible and possible. Last one was $600,000 house just up the road from me…still an outstanding issue between the municipal inspection dept and myself. The supervisor hasn’t returned my 2 last calls…so now I have to take time to possibly go meet the city inspection manager to bring attention to this issue…the HVAC contractor built the supply duct for a HP/AC with 30 KW electric emergency/supplemental heat AROUND 2 load bearing two wood studs…just cut a pattern for the studs and fit and joined the ducts from both sides of the wall!!! And no one seems to want to answer my questions!!! BTW, there’s only 1 loadbearing stud passing up through the return…FUN, EH?..or FUN, HUH??

I still inspect everything but find it a quicker inspection because there is no furniture or people/dogs to trip over. Usually less to write up. Most times I’m there by myself for the first couple of hours…seems to speed things up.

Not here for me George, still mostly resales.
(You are talking about new, finished homes, right?)

As for phase Inspections I stopped performing those my second year in business, too many hassles and too low of pay IMO to justify performing them.

It seems that most new home buyers in my area feel that the builders one year warranty is a good substitution for a home inspection. Are any of you experiencing the same?

Any suggestions on how to educate the public on the risk involved with not inspecting a new home?

if their building skills suck, how good do you think the warranty will be?

Not a problem here in Florida as the “crappy builders” are laying down their hammers and picking up the torch of the home inspector.

We have met the enemy and they are us. :roll: