New Home Front Portico

One year old home. Front “flat roof” portico with no drainage provisions. Ponding along front edge, a raised trim section installed along the front. Water seeps at the front and sides. Rubber membrane roof covering. My opinion is to slope the roof to the front and install a gutter. Any other suggestions? Also, the connection to the wall apperas to be inadequate, see photo!

rushing stream 051.JPG

rushing stream 070.JPG

rushing stream 078.JPG

rushing stream 072.JPG

rushing stream 073.JPG

rushing stream 051.JPG

rushing stream 070.JPG

Remove the structure (portico). :mrgreen:

My suggestion is to stick to reporting the defects and avoid trying to design the solution. Contractors get paid to design solutions.

1.) The bead tuck pointing is a pour job on the masonry bed and head leading face.
Not tight to the leading edge.
2,) Deficiencey inseveral brick. Possible mixed batch.
If the brick is mixed with reclamed and new rustic style the reclam will deface or spall.
Pour masonry pratice on the wall.

3.) The brick work is rough. Look at the photo I zoomed in on. One brick leans out more than the tolerated 1/16 of an inch. Sorry no link.
4.) No flashing on the ledger board.,r:22,s:87&biw=1440&bih=762

5 Movement of the ledger board.improper fasteners and spacing.
Is that the right size for a ledger for that mass of structure?
6.) exposed wood in direct contact with water and blocking the drainage of the porch or balcony. The board under the railing.
7.) seperated flashing on the bick wall for the pourch.
First 8 foot lemgth to the left.
That is not the exterior envelope I would like trades men to leave me after I have work done.