Leaning Exterior Wall

Buyer in the process of purchasing a 1960’s house with added 2nd floor in 90’s, house is located in greater NY area.

Exterior cavity wall is bowing out and buyer requested the seller to repair the brick wall. Pictures showing the structure and and beams above on the day of repair the brick wall, should the buyer be concerned about the frame wall structure above?


Morning, Steve.
Not bowed, leaning Definitely not flashed between the upper wood shake siding and masonry. Can’t see a barrier as well. Likely non perforated 15 lb. felt.

Look at the wave in the shakes. I would have removed 5 to 6 courses of the siding until the framing assembly leveled out. I would refer that to the owners so the wall assembly can be examined, repairs can be made and re-aligned and flash that intersection properly.
As well, have the masons remove the rowlock window sills and install manufactured poured concrete window sills sloping 10°. Those rowlock window sills are a weak spot. Likely, no capillary break.

That gutter junction was the culprit. Likely water froze and blocked the lower downspout as winter set in and water from the gutters leaked at the junction when ever posable.

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I agree with Robert, the brick veneer was leaning prior to removal. I do not see any framing, just layers and layers of cladding. some of which is buckled. Best of luck.

Robert/Brian, thanks for this wealth of information and I’m so thankful.

I’m also curious the purpose of this beam which is not being support by wall below, I hope it is not structural? The house has solar panels installed few years ago with about 20 panels directly above the leaning wall and I hope the added weight has nothing to do with the leaning.

Screenshot 2021-11-07 141717

IMO, that is not a beam. I think it is a furring strip to hold the cladding away from the framing so it will match up and overlap the brick. What that post is sitting on may tell you.

Wall framing is likely behind this…this would most likely be your framing plane.

Rim board.

So Robert, do you think this is the rim board and floor joists are attached to it? Look up under there.

Attic roof structure and interior wall inspection needed if that is a concern.

I saw a leaning brick wall not properly attached to the sheathing which pulled the siding out some. More inspection would be needed to make a structural determination. By the way, the satellite information was important. I would have lead with that.

Sorry for the late reply. Can’t tell from here.

Were you able to probe the wood, with the brick off? Did they put in new tar paper? Had it been wet in there?