New Home Inspector Questions

Hello I’m getting started in home inspections. What are most common problems you see most often on home inspections? What are the most common problems with electrical panels? Client Problems you’ve had?

The common problems aren’t where newbies get in trouble. It’s the uncommon problems (you don’t know what you don’t know, so take all our free, online inspection courses).

I strongly recommend you utilize: if you see something you haven’t yet got to in the courses.

Brady, some things will be obvious like missing downpouts or no gutters. Safety issues such as tripping hazards. You will run into a lot of spiders in crawl spaces. I would look very careful at all windows, doors, roof penetration, valleys, etc with a keen eye. You will find wood rot and moisture stains. Look where two or more sections meet such as a valley or an addition because that’s going to be where you will find problems. Check the interfaces both interior and exterior, if accessible.

Probe for wood rot. Make sure prior to arrival that you have a signed inspection agreement and that all utilities are on, so that you can properly perform your home inspection. When opening windows and you have blinds, hold the top of blinds with one hand and pull the blind string (cord) carefully, with your other hand.

Stretch often Brady because you will be bending a lot. I would recommend for you not to act better than anyone else. I never have. I make friends. I am just a good Ole’ boy, with roots in construction and being a hard worker. Schedule enough time between inspections for when things go wrong, because something always happens.

As far as the electrical inspection: watch Paul Abernathy’s video on electrical inspections at NACHITV- you will want to know the difference between a conductor and a wire. Double taps are often found. Knowledge is the key.

Be sure to take plenty of pictures, and document everything that you did and didn’t do. Have a good inspection reporting system and know it inside and out.

Put your education to work and be very confident with your knowledge. Follow Nick Gromicko’s advice that he gave you and listen to the others that post here after I do. I have been a Home Inspector since 1996, in the state of Virginia and I still learn everyday in some way to be a better inspector (safe and thorough). I don’t post very much here on the message board but I read different posts on a daily basis.

I have been an InterNACHI member for almost 5 years and they have been the hardest but the best years of my life. I wish you much success with your business and always remember to stay safe and to treat people right. I will be praying for your success, Knowledge, Safety and understanding. Before everyone else chimes in, let me say welcome to your new family of Home Inspectors.
Use your brain and when you get that feeling that something is not quite right (STOP) and figure out what your senses are telling you, listen because this will help save your life.

Always be careful when walking the exterior, I have stepped in many a hole and on a couple of nails. Watch out for snakes if the grass is a little high.