i'm a newbie

Hi guy’s, gals i’m new to inspection industry but far from the construction aspect of it.
I would like to ask what were your most common error that you occur as a green inspector, that way i know what to look for on the field thanks in advance to all. I’m talking about about worst case errors that i can try to avoid during an inspection:D

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Can you be a little more specfic?

Most common error

  • Not documenting your findings and lack of findings.
  • Not knowing what to look for.
  • Not taking enough photo’s.
  • Not having a sound proof Agreement qualifying whatyou are and are not inspecting.


Welcome Rene, being still a newbie, I would say read, read, read everything that Nachi has to offer. If you do your homework here diligently, you wont have to many errors. Do as many mocks as possible to learn report writing. Knowing a lot about construction is a start but, there’s so much more. Start by using spell check!! You’ll get hammered for that. When you finish with the courses, read all the threads you can. There is so many errors you can make if your not prepared, I wouldn’t know where to start.

thanks for those pointers

Linas, thanks for the “laff”.

Bring a checklist till you are comfortable knowing you are not missing anything.

Doing my first inspections solo…

Don’t gamble, get some mentoring!

Do not try to rush the inspection. You can miss too much by rushing things.

Read every word of www.nachi.org/success.htm
… twice.

Here is a beginners list that got me just to name a few:

  1. Don’t forget to reset the thermostat and hot water heater to their original setting and switching on the service man switch after inspecting the furnace.
  2. Having back up everything (Camera, flashlight, batteries, extra pens).
  3. Bring change of shoes or shoe cover for inside the house.
  4. Do not let the Agent or Client pressure you in turning on the water, lighting pilots… etc or letting them climb your ladder.
  5. Know the SOP, SOP and SOP.
  6. Don’t over engage your client, read your client and stay quite to those who are the high anxiety type until the end, they will perceive flaking paint as a major defect if you’re not careful.
  7. Don’t be afraid to take control of the inspection if the Client or Agent gets controlling or over involved (Watch out for the Uncle who claims to be an Electrician, Plumber etc).

Marry a realtor that can refer all their clients or someone who has a steady, good paying job (career).

Thanks Jhon really appreciate these pointers