New Home Warranty Inspection

Just finished a new home warranty inspection. House built 10 months ago in 2005.

No GFCI’s on the kitchen sink island outlets. There were two. Also no GFCI on the outlet serving the Garbage Disposal and the Dishwasher.

No GFCI’s in the main bathroom outlet.

GFCI’s in the other kitchen counter outlets, Laundry Room outlet and garage outlets. GFCI’s in the Master Bathroom.

AFCI’s for both bedrooms.

Were some of the outlets protected outlets, being downstream of the GFCI outlets, or are you using “GFCI” to mean both the GFCI outlet and the downstream protected outlet?

We don’t put disposals and dishwashers on GFCI circuits here in San Diego, and I always call it out whenever I find any appliance using a motor on a GFCI circuit.

Same here…

Motors can sometimes trip GFCIs when they startup. I have seen it several times with freezers in the garage plugged into the GFCI. Owner complains of it frequently tripping.

The outlet below the sink was the source for the power to the garbage disposal and the dishwasher. Both being plugged into the outlet. There were two outlets on the sink island. Neither had GFCI’s.
I thought at first that I might be looking at the posibility that there was a combination breaker in the garage for both GFCI’s and AFCI’s. Not the case. There were also two outlets on either side of the stove top that didn’t have GFCI’s.
I guess my question would be, would you protect outlets at a water source with a GFCI on a counter more than six feet away ? I tested the GFCI’s on the surrounding cabinets but didn’t think to check the outlets on an island beside the sink six feet away. I should have tripped the GFCI’s and put my plug tester in the outlet to see what happened. Gotta admit I didn’t see GFCI’s, got concerned and didn’t think to try a combination. The lack of GFCI’s in the main bath are definately a “No No”

I think the six-foot rule is old, very old.

Here we require GFCI outlets or protected outlets at all countertop locations in the kitchen and bathrooms with exceptions for dedicated outlets for disposal and dishwasher.

I did what I should have done originally. I pulled out the new NEC book and read…I’ll be OK after a couple of margaritas tonite.