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Found one of those wall mount GFCI devices on a garage door opener circuit today.

No garage outlets or exterior outlets on that circuit, just the opener.
Those all had proper GFCI protection.

Could it be an AHJ’s strict interpretation of the code since the ceiling outlet is a duplex instead of a dedicated single outlet?

I told my client to keep his house key with him…

Your area must be under the 2008 NEC.

The 2008 edition removed all exceptions for garage receptacles as far as GFI protection goes. Now it’s ALL 125v-15 & 20A receptacles, regardless of placement.

I like the idea of the faceless GFI for convenience reasons.

Yeah… too many homeowners dropping an extension cord from the ‘convenient’ receptacle in the ceiling when the other recept’s are used.


That garage door opener outlet is just too tempting for a drop light reel. That is a good change.
You certainly don’t want to be trapped under a car, laying on the concrete, working with a defective drop light and no GFCI.

The same is true of tools you might plug into the drop light receptacle.