New house, S-trap?

Are these borderline or just plain wrong S-traps ?

may17 005.jpg

may17 001.jpg

If I’m not mistaken, Bruce, they need 8" of horizontal to be a p-trap otherwise the potential for syphoning empty is there.

IT depends on where you measure…
over 8 at the top and less at the bottom of the horz. piece.

I think they are just barely out of tolerance

The one on the right looks close to that but the one on the left doesn’t.

Neither would bother me much…I’d note it and move on. :wink:

8" is awful hard to get under some bathroom vanities. I’ve been writing up any under about 4 inches of vertical as ‘borderline’ “S” traps and referring to a licensed plumber if the client believes it warranted.

I’m sure there’s a minumum, and someone will give it!..:smiley:

The above is a s trap.

The installation looks fine.

Neither are S traps in original post.

See the AAV?

Note how far above the weir of the trap it is?

I thought that the horizontal distance needed to 2 times the pipe diameter. It could be 3 times. I didn’t think it was noted as a specific distance???

Who has the code check?

There is nothing wrong with these traps as pictured above because of the AAV…

But to answer your question, the code check says the distance should be minimum 2X the distance–weir to vent. (IRC3105.4)

Looks like P-traps to me. What I want to know is one photo one is that an auto vent? If so, it is not high enough.

4 inches above the drain is the minimum height requirement.